Friday, 16 March 2018

US assault infantry

US Assault Infantry

Bought two packs from Tony at Raventhorpe by mistake - D`oh!  😄

Read "LCVP boat teams" as naval crew (which is what I needed), when in fact they are assault infantry boat teams - D`oh!

Anyway 30 figs all together, some very interesting poses and nicely cast so I decided to paint them up anyway as regular leg infantry and a bunker assault platoon -

Spotter team

Moving 81mm mortar team

Moving .30cal team

Various rifle armed guys (one with BAR) I`ve added more satchel charges to some figures

Bazooka, Bangalor torpedoes, pole charge

Flamethrower and guys with satchel charges

Lone NCO

Bunker assault squad

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

re-purposed trucks

Re-purposed trucks

Some years back (20+) when I was too fussy about what vehicles go with whom (I know amazing isn`t it) I bought a set of "Yesteryear" trucks from Lledo. They were US Army between the wars stuff and at the time ended up in the rear echelon of my US force. They have sat in a drawer now for many years awaiting the day when I found a more suitable use for them. This last weekend I found myself at a loose end so dug them out and gave them all a re-paint, the plan is to make them more useful.

Studabaker Van & Ford AA truck
My thoughts are the van can be a civilian vehicles (street furniture) or one of many taken into military service.
I gave the truck a general military colour, so it can serve with the French, Spanish or even Germans as a transport vehicle.
 Ford AA crane
Gave this one a total re-paint then roughly weathered it to look like a hard-worked civilian vehicle. My thoughts are this will make an interesting visual addition to an industrial, railway or dock battlefield.


Monday, 12 March 2018

M3 Lee for Tunisia

M3 Lee for Tunisia

I needed one more to complete my medium company for Operation Torch/Tunisia

This is the Airfix model with a simple paint job

French air-support

French air-support 

Dewoitine D-520C1

A Mister Craft (never heard of them) plastic kit 
I`ve painted as belonging to squadron serving in Syria
The decals were shit and and just disintegrated, so i was forced to hand paint the tail 😉

Monday, 5 March 2018

German medical unit

German Medical Unit

Kubel Ambulance
Hasawaga Kubel (at least 30yrs old) 
Altered to look like an ambulance version and painted up, the stretcher case is Imex

 Stretcher party + doctor
All Airfix, the stretcher case, rear guy and doctor are all from the RAF emergency set, the front guy is a WW1 German bearer with a head swap

 Medic and wounded
The wounded man is Grubby Tanks, the medic was a Britannia mountain troops MMG loader
 Same medic with a S&S Models stretcher case
 Nurse and stretcher case
The Nurse is from Elhiem (female Luftwaffe Auxiliary)  the stretcher case is Imex



Classic Airfix Kubel & crew
Tilt is actually white metal off the EWM vehicle below 😃
 Early War Miniatures Kubel w/crew

More Allied trucks

More Allied trucks

Hobby Den resin Dodge AAA truck with sabot load
Painted to fit into my desert British (or Free French), but would also work with my Vichy French in Syria/Lebanon

Hobby Den Studabaker 6x6 fitted with a canopy (ex-Hasawaga