Monday, 28 September 2020

French Command Vehicles

 French Command Vehicles

A few days work, plodding along

I don`t as a rule decal my vehicles as they tend to be used as and where required, I`ve painted these a standard green so they can be used in France `40 or elsewhere if i so choose.

Shellhole Scenics Renault A.D.H 2.5 Ton Radio Van

Shellhole Scenics 1937 Chevrolet Ambulance

Which I have painted up as an office van for my French HQ

Group shots with my other French HQ vehicles

A repurposed and stowed up Lledo di-cast and a S&S Citroen C2


Friday, 18 September 2020

7/4e RCA Tunisia

Char D1s of 7th Squadron, 4th Regiment Chasseurs D`Afrique

 7th squadron of 4RCA had 15 of these in Tunisia at the time of the German landings, they immediately joined other French units as part of the now combined allied armies trying to defeat the Germans/Italians.

The unit was at Medjez-el-Bab; Hir Moussa and Kasserine (where they claimed a Panzer IV!)

These are 20mm by Early War Miniatures (one has an AB Figures commander)

I`ve tried by best to use the camouflage as illustrated in Sicard & Vauviller, but I`ve left the aerials in place (all research says they had been removed, but not why??) because I like them :)

Both together

Playing with the camera in the garden

Monday, 7 September 2020

British Commander`s ride

 British Commander`s ride 

My first piece since we moved to Spain

Not much but a beginning at least   

This was a Corgi AEC box van, I added window/shutters and a little stowage and have painted her up as a command caravan for my desert British.

I think it looks OK   

Certainly doesn`t look out of place among my other British HQ and soft skins

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Panther G

In honour Of John Dowman RIP 

Over on the Wargamers` Forum they have "builds" now John Dowman was the founding member o that forum and in his honour they are doing a special build - it has to be a German tank 
John and I had many, many jokey conversations about his love for "big Cats" and my aversion for the same.

For this build in honour of our friend I present the first Panther I have ever owned in the 50 or so yrs since I started building models  

Here`s to you John, having a beer and laughing your arse off at my feeble efforts   

We miss you mate 

Armourfast Panther G with a PSC commander and mixed stowage

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Some photos of Swansea

Some photos of Swansea

Boer War Memorial

Mural benches 
Done for the anniversary of 1918 

Cast example

War memorial

WW2 era bunker on the beach

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Even more terrain

More terrain

This piece started out as a sample piece of 28mm railtrack, I`ve combined it with the shell crater from the Matchbox Humber II diorama base. 
This creates a crude mined/destroyed section of track

Industrial chimney
Anyscale Models


Friday, 15 May 2020

More scratched together terrain

Railway line

Bits of Matchbox diorama base roughly patched together with odd bits of HO railway to create about 50cms of track.

I built the barricade to cover a really bad joint  :D 

Figures for scale