Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Deserty Shermans

Deserty Shermans

I want to be able to fight some of the 8th Army actions to the south of Tunisia, to support the Brits i needed some Shermans
These are Britannia with some added stowage to vary the look



One-piece resin casting by The Square 
I added some sandbags, the Britannia Fallsjager are just for scale

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Le train rouleur

Le train rouleur

I bought and built an Early War Miniatures P17 half-track, with the kit was the parts for one of these train rouleurs. Now I understood what it was but wanted to know a little more and this is what i have gleaned off the hive mind -

The old mle1987 had a mostly wooden carriage and wooden spoke wheels, it was designed to be pulled by horses to a maximum speed of 8km/hr.

With the improvements in motorisation, it was found the carriage/wheels couldn`t cope, so Citroen designed this cradle (rouleur) with rubber tires and pneumatic suspension onto which the old gun could be mounted and allowed towing speeds of up to 20km/hr!

My model
 I didn`t have a spoked wheeled gun handy

Photos kindly supplied by the hive-mind

French additions

A few more bits for my Tunisian French   

Early War Miniatures P17 half-track and mle1897/33 (with a Hat sheild)

 Train Rouleur 
Early War Miniatures

Saw this photo and couldn`t resist the urge to build something similar  :D 

My version

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Adobe huts

Adobe huts

By S&S Models
A simple two-tone paint job plus a wash, Shaun sells these both with and without the pantiled roof, so usable both as native hovels for Africa and Mexico (and other parts of the world too) plus colonial areas - South America and the Far East


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

WW2 American additions

WW2 American Additions

A couple of bits for my NWE Yanks

Dodge 4x4
This is the old Esci model, which I got via a swap with that nice Alan Hamilton  :)  Needed some repairs, and I happened to have the parts for the Tarpaulin rear cover in my bits box, so built and added this also  :)  a quick paint job and that will do  :) 

M20 Armoured Utility Car
Brand new from S&S, with lots of added stowage and a commander from the Hat tank rider set

Supply wagon

Supply wagon

I needed something for a "build" over on The Wargamers` Forum, the build is "Heavy", now as anyone reading this knows I don`t do big stuff or hvy tanks. But I did happen to have this British supply wagon by Tumbling Dice, so built it with a full load. The load itself is various boxes and tarps from the spares box, I added all the ropes and traces with wire and cotton, the driver is an Italeri plastic with a head swap.
This will fit into any of my early C20th forces and will even work with WW2 French or Germans or civilians.