Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Lighthouse and dock

Lighthouse and dock

The lighthouse and dock sections are by Anyscale Models

I built the little island and bridge out of bits from my terrain box

Saturday, 4 April 2020

24th Colonial Infantry Regiment, Syria `41

24th Colonial Infantry Regiment, Syria `41

Well a bit of it anyway :)

2 x 12 figure, Groupe de combate plus a small 4-man HQ, so a weak infantry company under our rules.
All these are those Elhiem Figures Senegalese, some with head-swaps using various Adrian heads out of the bits box, the telephone op is from Raventhorpe 

1st platoon

2nd platoon


Monday, 23 March 2020

Punjabi rifle company

Punjabi rifle company

A representative unit for use in our Syria/Lebanon games

A mix or Tumbling Dice and SHQ figures some with minor conversions, I`ve created a reinforced company unit based around 10-figure platoons, but added a support platoon and Company HQ as a command element.

Tumbling Dice riflemen (there are 3 packs of these)

Tumbling dice command pack minus the dead figure (2 of these packs)

SHQ Boys AT rifle with his Tumbling Dice (TD from here on) No2

SHQ Bren gunner with his TD No2

SHQ Bren team

SHQ 2 inch mortar team

SHQ moving bren gunner with a TD No2

SHQ HQ figures (the guy in the centre has TD head)

SHQ HQ figures (the guy carrying the radio has a TD head)

1st platoon

2nd platoon

3rd platoon

Support platoon 
(Boys team, 2" mortar team, 4 rifles plus a Subaltern)

Coy HQ

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

TransJordan Frontier Force

TransJordan Frontier Force

The Trans-Jordan Frontier Force was formed on 1 April 1926, to replace the disbanded British Gendarmerie. It was a creation of the British High Commissioner for Palestine whose intention was that the Force should defend Trans-Jordan's northern and southern borders. The TJFF was also an Imperial Service regiment whose Imperial Service soldiers agreed to serve wherever required and not just within the borders of their own colony, protectorate or, in the case of the Transjordan, mandate. This was in contrast to the Arab Legion, which was seen more as an internal security militia, deriving from the troops of the Arab Revolt and closely associated with the Hashemite cause. The Amir Abdullah was an Honorary Colonel of the Trans-Jordan Frontier Force from its inception. However, the local commanders thought it unnecessary to form an additional force, illustrated that the expansion of The Arab Legion would be a better action.


Painted up for yet another Syria `41 game

Mostly Tumbling Dice WW1 Arab regulars

Two Combat Miniatures LRDG crew as British NCOs
Same two figs with an SHQ British officer as company commander

So I painted up 3 x 9 fig platoons (each has a Lewis LMG team) plus a 5-fig HQ

1st platoon

2nd platoon

3rd platoon

Patrol truck (a Ford G8 by PST), the driver is another Combat Miniatures LRDG guy, the Lewis gunner Tumbling Dice 

All together

Friday, 21 February 2020

Even more French

Artillery crews

Gun crews all photographed with the same Hat Industrie `75
Senegalese crew 1

 Close-ups of the minor conversions, the guy with the helmet has been given a larger caliber shell, the guy in the Chechia fez was the No2 of the VB launcher team, I cut down his rifle and shaped it creating a shell
Senegalese crew 2

Again close-ups of the minor conversions - again the gunner got a new shell, the second guy was the VB gunner, I cut don his rifle and shaped/painted it into a shell
Mixed crew

Conversions - kneeling gunner with new shell, the standing figure is a Raventhorpe British gunner with an EWM Adrian helmet head
Free French crew

Another gunner with new shell plus two Raventhorpe British gunners

And finally a command element for my Senegalese infantry
Raventhorpe telephone op (with Elheim head) + Raventhorpe German engineer officer converted to a French one  

So that is 69 infantry, a field gun, a French water tower and a gun truck all since February 4th