Saturday, 18 November 2017

Yet even more Yanks

Various American foot

A mix of Infantry and gunners, the last for now as this clears the decks (as far as Yanks are concerned)

Raventhorpe water-cooled .30cal MMG with a Revell plastic loader

Plastic 60mm mortar (Hasawaga I think?) with a scratch crew - Matchbox and Esci

6 x Kelly`s Heroes gunners

Kelly`s officer and a Britannia RTO

Old Skytrex FOO

4 x Platoon20 riflemen + an unknown US Marine BAR 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Even more Yanks

More Yank transport

More finished bits

Two old Matchbox Jeeps (from the 17pdr set) with 1/2 ton trailers
These will add to company or battalion HQs or act as re-supply markers
One of the trailers is a re-painted di-cast toy by Bluebox (with new wheels), the other is a Hasawaga plastic kit with added load.

Yet another Matchbox M16 chassis altered to be a troop carrier with pole mounted .50cal, loads of stowage and a crew (in this case a mix of various plastics)

An old Skytrex 57mm AT gun
Don`t actually think I need another gun, but it was sitting there, so i re-painted it

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Yank transport

More Yank Transport

Another weeks work.

Three Matchbox M16 chassis, repaired and altered -

No1 added pulpit and .50cal AAMG & canopy built from tissue paper over wire hoops

No2 gun tow
Canopy from a Matchbox Krupp Protze plus modified Airfix 6pdr altered to look like a US 57mm

No3 troop carrier
Pole-mounted .50cal, loads of stowage and a mixed crew

Recce Jeep
Skytrex Jeep with added stowage and a Britannia crew

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Various terrain bits

Another weeks worth or so.

One of those Blotz wooden puzzle pieces, to be honest I`m not 100% happy with the construction of this one as it left big gaps all over the place and i`ve resorted to air-drying clay in a clumsy attempt to rectify the look. 
Italian figures for scale  


French WW1 memorial 
Sgt`s Mess model again figures for scale

The tower was a fish-tank item I bought in Spain for a couple of Euro, the rest is polystyrene and plaster.
All figures and stuff for scale 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017



Various odds`n sods to complete my Italian force

Raventhorpe Fiat626

 Raventhorpe Fiat Dovunque

 Kelly`s Heroes Brixia mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess 80mm mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess moving LMG team
 Sgt`s Mess firing LMG team

 Kelly`s Heroes 20mm Breda AA gun & crew
 Kelly`s Heroes Italian para command
 (painted up and slightly altered to look like infantry)
 All together