Sunday, 26 March 2017


Support for my US Armoured Infantry

A obvious missing bit in my US orbat from the game we played at Christmas

Started on Friday as a bag of bare white metal bits :)

SHQ kit and crew (modified)
Lots of added stowage and an Airfix plastic driver

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

British Support for Syria

British support for Syria

As I continue to research and design scenarios for Syria I keep coming across interesting and odd bit and pieces. It also occurred that the Anglo-Australians needed more support and some "specials" featured in games I want to run!

This is about a weeks work,

Marmon Herrington with 20mm Breda 

Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)

SHQ kit with SHQ gunner and converted spotter


Chevy 30cwt with 20mm Breda AA 

2/3rd Lt. anti-aircraft Regt RAA

Raventhorpe truck and crew, Britannia Breda

Morris 15cwt with Bofors 37mm AT gun
2/2nd anti-tank Regt RAA

Raventhorpe truck, gun & crew

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Re-purposed Airfix trucks

Supply element for my desert Brits.

Both Airfix plastic kits acquired as part of a job lot of bits, broken models and stuff a few yrs back.

Bedford QL tanker 
Was from the RAF refueling set - now can be a standard fuel tanker or water truck
I removed the long pipe arms and repainted from its pretty RAF blue livery

Austin K3 (I think?) 
Based on an article I read as a boy in a modelling book, was the K6 fire truck from the RAF emergency set painted in a brilliant red :)

Cut down the chassis, added a rough plastic card body and a canopy pinched off a Opel blitz. and then repainted to suit.

Both together

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

British support for Syria

25lbr battery 

 Britannia guns and crews plus some Raventhorpe gunners
Some of these gunners are AT crews and will man different weapons when on the tabletop :)

Boys AT rifle team 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

French colonial army

Bits and pieces from Early War Miniatures filling out holes in my various Coloniale units. I`ve hada  bit of fun painting these, playing with the uniforms and colouring. 

Senegalese in Chechia fez
Our Christmas game high-lighted some obvious gaps in my orbat so I added - a LMG team and a couple of VB grenade launchers, plus a grenade thrower and a sous-officer

Moroccan 7th Division
Mle37 50mm mortar team with sous-officer/spotter 

Artillery observer with periscope binoculars

Tirailleur captain wearing his parade kepi

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Hunting Pancho Villa

Been so busy since the New year with a major refurbishment and redecoration of our hotel, I haven`t even picked up a brush until yesterday. So here we have the first pieces for 2017.

Scout section Provisional Motorcycle Company. Mexico 1916/17

The Provisional Motorcycle company was parceled to the various regiments of Pershing`s expedition, this section will be attached to 1st battalion 6th Infantry.

All figures and bikes from Early War Miniatures