Wednesday, 9 March 2016

More reinforcements for Spain

The arms race in Spain continues

An S-Models Kfz13 armoured car
Painted up as Nationalist with a crew of odd plastic figures with PSC early war German tanker berets
Now I have no evidence that these ever went to Spain, but it has an old, funky look about it and will fit in with other period stuff

Now with all the reinforcements the Nationalists have gained over the last few months - armoured cars, transport, a PzI and a company of Regulares; I felt I needed to give the Republic some support.

AT rifle team
The gunner was a metal 1940 era German (head swapped), the No2 an Italeri Zulu War Brit (again head swapped)

 40mm mortar team
Again the gunner  was a metal 1940 ear German (again head swapped), the N02 is an Airfix WW1 Frenchman 

Medium Machine gun team by Bandera Miniatures