Saturday, 25 November 2017

Work in progress


Today`s work, I don`t usually post WIP, but I`m pretty happy with how these turned out :)

2 ancient Airfix soft-plastic DUKWs, altered to be waterline models - I have the long term plan of re-running Saafi (Operation Torch 1942) on our new larger table in Spain.
The tilt on this one came out of the spares box

Matchbox Sherman Firefly (must be 35yrs old at least), new barrel (thanks Alan Hamilton), plus re-built wheel units (some using Panzer III wheels), loads of stowage too - I now own three (3) NWE British tanks :)

Another Matchbox Firefly hull, made to look more like a standard 75mm armed M4 using a S&S resin turret :)