Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mexican Artillery Battery

We had a great time with the game over Easter in Spain, so I came back all enthused and decided to build an extra gun battery. This project is a fun make-do and mend project so i built the entire battery from the bits box and odd figures.

A composite 70mm battery
Ex-German Revell limber with Imex seated figures (both head-swapped) and an Airfix outrider 

Guns & crews
Guns are Imex carriages with PSC Pak38 guns (modified to fit), crew are a mix of - HAT Gatling gun set, old Airfix ACW gunners, some soft plastic WW2 German gunners with head swaps, an Imex ACW gunner (head-swapped) a HAT French gunner (head-swapped) and a Raventhorpe metal gunner,the deployed limber is HAT (from their French `75 set), the tethered horse team are all Imex

Odds`n sods
Mounted gunner (Hat figure on an old Airfix horse) + Hat officer

Hat Heliograph team

Combat Miniatures Japanese (Russo-Japanese War) painted up as Federales