Saturday, 10 February 2018

British truck WIP

Thanks to some of the nice guys over on the SOTCW forum I did some swaps and got some British trucks, here is the wip
Airfix Matador 
Added some stoiwage, Lewis gun; rear seating and wire hoops for tarp

Tarp (Debbies old stocking  :D ) cut to size, to be fitted after painting

Another Airfix Matador
Rear white metal tilt off a EWM Renault truck; again added stowage and Lewis

Airfix Long Matador with double rear wheels (originally the fuel tanker)
Scruffy plasticard rear piled with stowage load, rear gate off a soft plastic GMC 6x6.
I`ll probably use more stocking/tarp to help disguise my rubbish modelling  :) 

Airfix Quad tractor
Added stowage & firing platform Wheel

Airfix Quad
added stowage