Saturday, 3 November 2018

Wargaming in Spain update

Wargaming in Spain update

Just thought I`d post some photos of the ongoing work I`m doing to my wargames room in Spain

As you know I`m slowly 10kgs a trip moving my entire hobby to its final resting place in Spain, these early SOTCW Journals happened to be in a box file of magazines this time.
 The room
 various cheaply bought prints
 Our 8` x 4 ` table
 Magazines and rulebooks
 Large terrain and buildings, these will eventually get proper plastic boxes
 Shop display cabinet
 Wall display cabinet
My darling found this as a "please take gratis"  outside a charity shop in Swansea, all I had to do was make new shelves out of  5mm perspex sheet 😄

 A pair of  cheap cabinets from Lidl

 Various palm trees
 Arab village
 fencing & walls
 More boxes of figures
 yet another cheap charity shop find (Spanish this time)
 As was this collectors cabinet

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