Monday, 13 April 2020

Vietnam Yanks

Vietnam Yanks

Originally done and posted on the SOTCW forum in May 2012

As most of you know I don`t do moderns (post 1960 that is), but of course I will happily play anything and this years Gauntlet game is set in Vietnam. Thanks to bannockburn bhoy here, I now have a selection of `Nam era US figures, so decided to paint up a platoon strength unit - 3 x 10 men squads + HQ
All together I painted up 35 figs - 3 x 10 figure platoons + a 5-man HQ (officer, RTO, Sergeant, medic & sniper), I also have a guy carrying a wounded comrade.
Here`s a selection of pictures, as far as I can tell they are a mixture of Liberation Minis and Platoon 20 and Britannia. 
I`ve tried a different technique painting in layers with these there are actually 7 different "greens" in use plus GW green wash too


  1. Very nice- Nam is an interesting war to game when you can move away from all the Hollywoodisms.



  2. I only did these for that game you rand at Gauntlet all those yrs ago :)