Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Inventory - French Colonial Army Pre-WW2

French Colonial Army - Pre-WW2

Another big subject with loads of bits`n pieces

Foreign Legion Mtd Company
12 Mtd Legionnaires + sous officer

Chasseurs d`Afrique
Officer, bugler, Standard + 4 troopers
Troupes d`Marine 
 Classic early Legion 
Colonial Blanc infantry
Used to stiffen native units
Officer + 11 men 
 Legion/Colonial Blanc 
mountain gun crew 
1914-35 Legionnaires
One of only two units in my entire collection which are NOT painted by me.
Most of these were done by Matt Slade except the ones in light order which were painted by Mark Bevis 
2 x mtd officers, 5 foot officers, bugler, 39 riflemen, 1 LMG team, 2 x Hotchkiss teams
Saharienne mountain gun team
Senegalese company
Mtd officer + 40 foot (inc: standard, 4 x officers, 2 x LMG, 2 x VB) 

Spahis Maroccaine
Officer, 2 x NCOs, bugler + 18 troopers

Algerian Company
2 x white officers, 1 x Algerian officer, standard,  2 x NCOs, 25 x riflemen, 2 x LMG teams, Hotchkiss team, 80mm mortar team