Friday, 11 August 2017

Inventory - Spanish Civil War

Spanish Civil War

Nationalist Forces

4 x 10-man platoons (one has an LMG)
4 man HQ

Nationalist Cavalry
10 mtd troopers

Support and transport
75IG + 3 crew & truck
37mm AT gun + 3 crew & truck
Bilbao armoured car
4 x Krupp Protz trucks
KFZ15 armoured car
KFZ231 armoured car
Panzer I

Republican Forces

Militia Battalion HQ
14 officers and men (telephone OP, RTO), 3 cycle messengers

Battalion support
13pdr + 3 crew & truck
AT rifle team (2 man)
50mm mortar team (2 man)
Vickers MMG team (3 crew)
80mm mortar team (3 crew)
Ambulance (2 medical staff)
Armd truck
FA1 armoured car

2 x 34 fig companies (10 girls per company) each company has 3 x LMG
10 fig all girl platoon (the only element completed of 3rd Coy) 

Assault Guard
10-figure platoon