Saturday, 1 June 2019

Mexican Revolution inventory 1 - Federals

Mexican Revolution Inventory

As always when we go out to Spain I take some stuff out, as part of this load was the more recent finished painted figures including those various Tumbling Dice additions for my Mexican Revolution project. Whilst putting everything in its correct box in the wargames cave, I took the opportunity to list and count that part of the collection.

 Federal forces

These are a mix of Federal line infantry and cavalry plus Rural Corps and Colorados, I have to be honest, I`ve played pretty fast and lose with some of the uniforms as I`ve used some from earlier periods (1900-1910) just for fun.

The figures are a wide mix:
Irregular & Bandera SCW, Warrior Miniatures cavalry with head swaps, converted old Airfix US Cavalry, Shellhole Scenics, Raventhorpe, Tumbling Dice, Italeri & Hat & Airfix plastics, plus odds`n sods like Combat Miniatures Japanese and minor conversions and head-swaps too. 

The whole army
125 various infantry
33 gunners w/34 cannon & 3 machine guns & 4 horse limbers
66 cavalry
3 vehicles
General + staff & German advisors (14 figs)
2 platoons of Rurales/Colorados
Armoured truck, EV4 armoured car
Hotchkiss team & 2 Rexor LMGs
 2 companies (30men each) of Federal infantry
Col. von Bratwurst and his German military mission
Federal signals unit
 General Diaz & staff + staff car
 1st battery w/ 1 x `75 & Krupp 105mm
 2nd battery 2 x 70mm
The guns here are scratched together, the carriages are from Hat Gatling guns and the guns PSC Pak38s with a very mixed crew :)
 3 x 11man cavalry troops
Mixed Federals & Rurales/Colorados
 2 x 11man cavalry troops
Mixed Federals & Rurales/Colorados
 Last 11man troop
 Federal military cadets
 Federal infantry wearing the 1910 era cotton uniform with kepi & havelock
Machine gun company wearing 1908 era Presidential Guard uniform


  1. What an army! I can imagine the pleasure you take out of such endeavor.

  2. Thanks, comment much appreciated :)

  3. Great photos of inspiring subject and inspiring collection of figures.
    Where did you get the EV4 armoured car?

    1. Thanks

      The EV4 and armoured truck are both by Ian Clunie @ Shellhole Scenics :)

  4. Excellent work, Richard. I am drawn to the 20mm scale. Your collection is inspiring!

    1. Hal, that is very kind - my hobby is my escape from day-to-day reality :)