Friday, 4 October 2013

British transport

Transport for 5th Royal West Kents (who I did for Task 2)

Various Oxford di-cast Bedford MWs, an Oxford Tilly and old Hasawaga Jeep (with Matchbox officer) all repainted in a rough desert scheme.

More to follow  :hello:


  1. I love those Oxford die casts though I haven't had the nerve to repaint any yet. Yours do look very good though I shall give it a go.

    I am planning to use the Bedfords together with the give away Corgi AEC lorry for Italian transport in the SCW. Yes I know, a purist I could never be, butI reckon painted in roughly the right colour scheme they will pass muster.

  2. John

    I`d been hesitant until I saw them on sale at that "give-away" price :-)

    I have a Corgi Matador as the command vehicle within my Tunisian French (very 1940s vintage) :-)

    I`m very tempted by a Republican force for SCW to battle against my Rif War Legionnaires and Regulares, but its on the back-burner at present, not enough time to do what I want let alone start a new project too.

    Don`t forget if your ever in Swansea pop in for a coffee and a chat.

    All the best