Friday 15 March 2019

Generic Greek/Roman ruins

Generic Greek/Roman Ruins 

About three weeks work all told plus loads of weeks/months of planning before that  :) 

Suitable for all across North Africa, Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey and even Spain and Southern France  :D 

A generic set of Roman/Greek ruins - columns from the wonderful man Alan Hamilton, some resin bits from The Scene, card flooring, Blotz Terrain dungeon flooring, various flock and foliage. 20mm figures and vehicles just for scale.

Main temple

Anyscale Models ruin walls, the steps are also theirs

Broken Statue 
Resin by The Square

Single large column 
The Scene

Raised platform 
Steps from Blotz Terrain

Paving by Blotz

Fallen/smashed columns

Single complete column

Broken bits

lone cap stone

Everything together

Friday 8 March 2019

Lighthouse/beacon and wooden dock

Lighthouse/beacon and wooden dock

To add to our harbour terrain.

Resin lighthouse/beacon by Anyscale Models, plus 3 sections of wooden dock (also resin by Anyscale). I built the little islet for the beacon to stand on and the bridge came out of the bits box, figures for scale.