Thursday 23 May 2013

Therapeutic modelling Pt2

Additions to my 69th Panzergrenadier battlegroup for Tunisia.

I`ve spent several weeks working on these, based loosly on several different photos - lots of extra work on the trucks (tilts, windshield glass, various stowage, replacing the silly moulded tools with white metal ones, etc), the crews are from all over the place - AB, SHQ, Britannia, Kelly's Heroes and MMS with minor modifications and head-swops - overall; very pleased with the results.

Pak38 with crew (PSC gun, mixed crew)
Krupp Protze towing Pak38 (Revell Protze, PSC Pak38, loads of stowage, mixed crew)
Krupp Protze towing 20mm flak - Revell Protze, 20mm (mostly Zvezda parts), scratch built trailer, loads of stowage & mixed crew

Sunday 19 May 2013

Therapeutic modelling

Decided i needed something to take my mind off our stressful life.

A couple of towed guns -

These are just the initial kits without filling gaps or stowage etc.i

Matchbox Krupp Protze with a PSC Pak38

Another Matchbox Protze this time with a towed 20mm
The gun is mostly bits from a Zvezda kit; the trailer kit-bashed from the bits box :D

Closer look at the gun/trailer (I`m hoping to hide the serious errors with a tarp and some stowage:))
Not happy with the basic kit, I then decided to add a partial canopy and frame.
Stage 2

The partial canopy is papermache and took several layers and lots of drying time to finish. During which I chose a suitable crew for each vehicle and modified and head-swopped them to suit what I needed. Next task was choosing stowage, then fitting it around the chosen crew.
Some pics of the complete vehicles before undercoating (figures are loose here and will be painted separately before being glued in place )
20mm tow
Pak38 tow


Thursday 16 May 2013

Pak97/38 battery

A battery of Pak97/38s to support my under-equipped Volksgrenadier Regiment
Guns are Plastic Soldier Company (obviously), the crews a mix of the PSC ones and other odds`n sods (Airfix and Britannia) to mix it up a little  ;)
No1 gun
No2 gun
FOO team (PSC officer, Raventhorpe telephone operator)

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Viva La Legion!

Finished a few more today (all 28mm Askari Miniatures) -

Now I`ve actually done 8 figures, but there are only about 4 poses in this batch of 22 figures, so I only took a couple of pics .............

Sunday 12 May 2013

28mm Rif War

Can`t really paint 28mm, don`t have the eye or the talent, but I have a small skirmish set-up.
French Foreign Legion NCO (conversion using two different Askari figures)
More Askari FFL
Riffi (the first two L-R are Askari, the last Rif Raf)
Arabs (honestly I have no idea who made these :rolleyes:)