Monday 17 July 2017

French Colonials (1950s)

 French colonials

2 x 8 figure packs of Liberation Miniatures Indo-China Moroccans, Now I`ve always liked Rolfe`s figures and would buy loads, but he no longer accepts orders off me or answer correspondence, so i am left with picking up odd packs here and there as i go. These are smashing figures, I`ve painted them up without any uniformity in colours as i want them to look rag-tag field worn, also I have the idea of using them as ALN (Armee de Liberation Nationale) against the French in Algeria or ALM (Armee de Liberation du Maroc) against both the French and Spanish in Southern Morocco during the Infi War.

One conversion, I swapped a rifle for a FM29

Recoiless rifle guy from Elhiem

Saturday 8 July 2017

Shaun`s new ruin

Shaun`s new ruin

Part of the new Italian/Spanish building range, this is a truly brilliant one-piece casting with added external rubble piles. I based it all and added various bits plus built some partial upper floors.
Figures just for scale

Monday 3 July 2017

Wales Airshow 2017

Wales Airshow 2017

Unfortunately our running a guesthouse means this busy now annual event stops me travelling to Gauntlet or Bovington :(

Business and family always send hobby stuff into the back seat.

Lovely weather this year and the beach was packed, good for the town, we were busy on Friday and Saturday too.

Spend both days on the beach with Debbie and our Alex watching the various flight displays, didn`t get a chance to walk around the ground display area to see the various vehicles and stuff, but it was nice to just be a couple (plus Alex) doing family stuff for a change.

Aside from the usual civilian display teams, stunt pilots and air-sea rescue shows there was of course some military interest -

Eurofighter Typhoon

Painted up as "RED 18” to represent Russian–Soviet pilot and cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s own plane

Bristol Blenheim Mk1 
Never seen one fly before and it turns out this is the only one still flying!

Spitfire & Hurricane


Both a twin seater trainer and a single seater fighter-bomber


Arrows doing their thing

My darling and I