Friday 31 January 2014

Tunisian recce

A very productive week January
Even as I work through my 10th Panzer orbat, I`m looking at it and adding bits. I decided to add a second armoured infantry platoon to Kradschutzen-10 and make all the figures for that unit in Zeltbahn (figures to come next).
2nd platoon halftracks
2 x Sdkfz 250 (one with sustained fire MG) Minimi & Frontline models with added bits

British Recce
Humber II 
This is the Hasawaga one I painted green last year before deciding on a universal "desert" scheme - d`oh!! Now repainted

Another Humber II and a Dingo to complete the unit, Humber by Combat Miniatures; Dingo by Britannia

Since the start of 2014 I`ve managed to finish -
9 - tanks (6 x PzIII, 3 x PzIV) 
6 - armoured cars (2 x 222, 1 x 232, 2 x Humber II, 1 x Dingo w/2 crew) 
1 - Krump protze w/ driver 
2 - 20mm flak + 7 crew
2 - trailers (20mm & 37mm)
2 - sdkfz 250
1 - Sdkfz 251/9 w/ 2 crew

Very pleased with myself :-)

Wednesday 29 January 2014

More German armour for Tunisia

Having a productive week smile
Panzer IV platoon for 7th Panzer Regiment 
2 Airfix, the other a Corgi di-cast, added stowage and painted to match.

Stug III of 13 Batterie Pz.Art.Rgt. 90 (Formally Sturm. bat. 242)
An ugly and very rough resin model, no idea who made it, patched up with added stowage

Tuesday 28 January 2014

More 10th Panzer stuff

Another platoon for 7th Panzer Regiment
Another Matchbox panzer IIIL plus two 50p di-cast pencil sharpener smile Panzer III look-a-likes I bought in Rhodes about 15yrs ago, lots of added stowage and a quick paint job.

A command car (resin model maybe Milicast?), I bought this one off John Dowman and have repainted it to suit my other 10th Panzer gear.

Saturday 25 January 2014

Crusade 2014

Had a smashing day off ( a very rare occasion)
It was very nice to browse stalls and chat about toys and the SOTCW with various members and traders (please forgive me if I miss anyone) Gary & Ellen [Sgts Mess], Paul & Ian [EWM/Shellhole Scenics], Mark Jackman [Combat Miniatures], Lewis [Minimi]; Andy Grubb; the guys from SHQ - all of these pirates took money out of my wallet in exchange for toys smile
Stuart, Paul & Shaun from The Escape Committee; Danny O`hara and finally Richard Clark [Toofatlardies]; I`m sure there were others I bothered too smile
I`m hopeless as this is the only show I attend, I`m too busy looking and talking to tak pictures, but i took a few -
The Escape Committee`s impressive 20mm city-scape, with government troops fighting insurgents.

Another fantastic 20mm game set during a border clash between Hungary & Czechoslovakia in 1936 (I`m sorry I didn`t make a note of who`s game this was) wonderful odd kit on display.

Richard Clark`s Chain of Command 28mm desert game using Perry`s figures

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Armoured cars for Kradschutzen 10

 Plodding along with my 10th Panzer project - Armoured cars for Kradschutzen Battalion-10
2 x Sdkfz222 (Fujimi & Airfix), a Sdkfz 232 (Skytrex metal)

Tuesday 14 January 2014

1st platoon, 7 Panzer Regiment

A group of Matchbox Panzer IIILs totally refurbished, stowed-up and re-painted for 7 Panzer Regiment, Tunisia.

Saturday 11 January 2014

First additions of 2014

Well here we go, first pieces for a new year. Still working on my Tunisian Germans.

Trailer for a 37mm AA gun (model by Milicast)
 Pictured here with the Britannia model I did early last year
Finishing off my composite battery of Heers Flak Abteilung 302
"A" gun - Zvezda 20mm & crew, Matchbox Krump, Trailer by AB Figures

 "B" gun - Gun by AB Figures, mixed crew (Zvezda, Alby & MMS)

 The whole group with additional figures (MMS officer, Ammo porter by S&S)
Support Kompanie II Battalion, 69th Panzer Grenadier Regiment
Milicast Sdkfz 251/9C (officer by Alby, crewman SHQ)

Wednesday 1 January 2014

New Year plans??

Well here we are 2014, I`m not sure if I expected this blog to still be going, but it is :-)

At the end of the year I managed through various speculative Ebay purchases and a very generous guy over on The Guild forum to purchase a vast pile of miniatures.

Now i don`t do many periods, I concentrate on a few, but SCW has always peaked my interest following on historically as it does from the Riff War.

180 infantry (mostly Republican infantry and militia, but about 30 Requetes and some Nationalists too), 3 x 3-man Vickers teams & 34 cavalry. A mix of Bandera, Irregular and Warrior Miniatures and all for £50 plus p&p :lol:

The way i look at this is my Rif War Legionnaires and Moroccans will serve as the bulk of any Nationalist Army and by painting these up I get both sides for yet another conflict - simples :cool: Though I think I`ll funnel some into my Mexican Revolution forces - can`t resist fiddling :-)

From the Guy from the Guild i acquired over 100 late WW2 German figures a mix of Britannia SS & Luftwaffe Field Division and Kelly`s Heroes late-war infantry (all bare metal). The Luftwaffe guys (and some of the Kelly's figures too) wear Zeltbahn so these will end up as part of my 10th Panzer battlegroup in Tunisia.

I think I`ll start 2014 by trying to complete my Tunisian project to its gaming completion - a towed 20mm AA battery for Heers flak 302, the armoured car company of Kradschutzen 10; various Panzer IIIs & IVs for I/7 Panzer Regiment plus about 4 platoons of additional infantry for the Germans and then a recce element and Carrier platoon for the Brits. That should take a few months ;-)

More later - happy New year :-)