Tuesday 29 April 2014

10.5cm leFH18 Battery

My Tunisian project has allowed me to experiment with stuff I`ve never done before, here is another example, a German artillery battery, something that i`ve never ever built before in 20mm.

No1 Battery, I Battalion, 90th panzer Artillery Regiment
Revell plastic guns, crews mostly SHQ (various packs), a few odd AB Figures and a couple of plastics thrown in. The emplacements are resin by S&S Models, I also build a couple of ammunition piles. 
 Battery HQ

Wednesday 23 April 2014

Tercio Saharino circa 1958

After several weeks of converting and painting, my Spanish legion unit for the Infi War is now complete.

Old Matchbox plastic M24 Chaffee, 2 x S&S C15T "Trumphy"s
 Spanish M24s only had the vehicle number in black plus national flag 

 Whilst no visible my Trumphy have Spanish number plate decals (I`m so sad)
I don`t think they had .50cal weapons, but I like it.
 This one has an MG3
 2 x 7-man squads
A mix of Liberation Miniatures Iraqis and Platoon 20 Egyptians
Every figure has been head-swapped and slightly converted, then painted up as a Spanish Legionnaire

Saturday 12 April 2014

El Chupacabra

Part of the arms and equipment set with the German Military Mission to Mexico; an Ehrhardt armoured car, which the federal troops have named "El Chupacabra" after the legendary beast.

20mm model by Scellhole Scenics

Thursday 3 April 2014

WIP Tercio Sahariano circa 1958

The Ifni War was fought in Spanish Sahara during the late 1950s, basically an uprising by Moroccan natives against Spanish rule. The conflict spilt over into Algeria and the French were eventually drawn into it too.

The Spanish formed light armoured desert columns to patrol and act as flying columns. These columns made up of M24 tanks, M8 armoured cars and 4x4 and 6x6 light vehicles manned by elements of the Foreign Legion. The Spanish also employed Canadian WW2 surplus C15T armoured trucks, called "Trumphy"s in Spanish service. The unit looked like this and this is what i`m going to try and replicate -
M24 Chaffee 
(Matchbox kit with added stowage and an ex-Africa Korps commander) 

S&S Model C15T with lots of added stowage and heavily converted plastic driver
This one armed with an MG3

The first of my Legionnaires (Platoon20 figure converted with a head-swap and new G3)
(there will be 2 x 7 man squads, each with an MG3 all head-swapped and slightly converted )