Saturday 10 December 2016

2016 yearly totals

All 20mm -
323 - infantry/gunners/crew
53 - vehicles
11 - guns
5 - trailers
7 - motorcycles or M/c combinations
9 - cavalry
4 - boats
2 - planes
54 - pieces of terrain (I have grouped batches of scatter/sandbags/rubble etc to get this figure but does include 25 buildings smile ) + roughly 4 meters of railway track (inc a bridge) & 1.4 meters of fencing
It goes without saying I`m just so amazed smile

French Village house

Another French Village House

Another of those Airfix/Dapol buildings
Started life like this

Now looks like this, I added the wooden shutters to make the building look more European
 Britain`s walls

 Another part from a Matchbox diorama
 I added a removable second floor and also added a wall to separate the garage/animal quarters from the house 

Here it is again with the other three finished this week

Wednesday 7 December 2016

More buildings

More Buildings

French Town House

Resin model by Byzantium Models
The front paving and rear wall w/gate are also theirs, with the rest of the garden walls made from biys of Matchbox diorama.

Another ruin

Started life as this Airfix building

Now looks like this -

 Front walls are left over bits of Britain`s farm walls, the gate arch is Matchbox
 Quite pleased with the shell hole in the front garden

 Rear garden walls by Tamiya

 Partial roof removable
As are the stairs and partial first floor

Sunday 27 November 2016

Watch tower

Watch Tower

Not so useful in modern conflicts with automatic weapons and long range rifles, but still used in Vietnam to get a high perspective for fire-bases. 

I designed this one for an artillery observation platform for our Rif War games.

It got totally smashed up in storage, so i`ve rebuilt it, repainted and fixed the base.


Friday 25 November 2016

More Terrain


Classic Matchbox ruined bridge from their Firefly kit
Two halves make a whole

Queens Hussar resin street barricade (this now available through Lancer I think?)

another ruined building

Ruined shop

About a weeks work, using techniques and ideas I`ve used on the other ones I`ve been working on.

Airfix village shop kit (30+ yrs old) ruined as per the various ones I`ve done over the past months, i added the partial upper floor; Matchbox paving, garden walls built from parts of La Haye Sant, outside loo from Willis Modelcraft, the path comes on a roll (railway modelling stuff) all based up and painted up

The roof guttering was a piece of broken umbrella frame I found in the street 

Thursday 24 November 2016

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Sunday 20 November 2016

Yet more refurbished buildings

Another couple of days work

This first one is another of my own cobbled together ruins made from various Matchbox diorama bits
During the re-furb I added some internal walls and signs/posters 

This one is another of those plaster diorama pieces which I expanded on using bits from an Esci vac-u-form battleground and cardboard dungeon floorplans.

I added the various clutter, floorboards  and barricades, the sandbagged roof and buttress are resin pieces from Village Green. During the re-furb I re-based and painted the whole thing, added more clutter and finally built the partial tiled rood using bits left over from La Haye Sant 

Saturday 19 November 2016

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Friday 18 November 2016

More refurbished buildings

More ruins

I continue plodding along refurbishing things as I go.

These two buildings started out 25+ yrs ago as plaster diorama bits, I bought them cheap and tried (poorly) to build ruined buildings for my table.

I`ve now re-based them added more rubble (including some pieces from Anyscale Models) and then repainted them both.

Shop ruin (with added signs)

Brick building
Note I added the bits from the Matchbox Sdfkz11 & Pak40 kit diorama base to this one.