Tuesday 28 April 2020

Ruined factory

Another piece of scratched up terrain

A ruined factory, built from bits of plastic walls, etc (figures just for scale)
 The chimney is resin by Najewitz-modellbau, the steps are from Anyscale Models

Friday 24 April 2020

Cheap terrain

Cheap Terrain

Today`s work built from bits found in the street.

These were some rubber car gaskets I found in the road, mounted on hardboard with filler to build up the earth and a few plastic Esci sandbags added. I`ve painted them as concrete, which was then buried (as you sometimes see on Normandy)

Industrial junk
Various bits of stuff found in the street combined into a piece to break-up an open area on an industrial table

Thursday 23 April 2020

Camel train

Camel train 

Suitable for many periods 1800 - today 

These started life as a set by Tumbling Dice - very nice castings, but I added a couple of old Airfix camels and some Bedouin I found in the spares box - old Combat Miniatures I think

Monday 13 April 2020

Tiger I for NWE

Tiger I for NWE

Painted early in 2012

Britannia model bought cheap with parts missing (including the gun barrel), repaired and added SHQ commander

Arab buildings

Arab buildings

Various compounds and buildings build prior to April 2012

Building 1
2 Byzantium buildings with S&S walls 

Building 2
Minimi building (Large shop I think), S&S walls and gates, I built the lean-to stable out of various bits of stick and some veneer I found in the street

Building 3
Byzantium building (domed roof reversed so to appear flat) with external steps (also Byzantium) and S&S walls

Pack of hasty barricades (S&S)
Adobe cottage (The Square) very nice

Lancer Miniatures - Eastern train station (probably the most expensive single piece of terrain I`ve ever bought) yikes http://lancerminiatures.com
Painted up fairly neutral, I`ve replaced the roof on the ticket office with a spare flat one (generously given to me by Rob Rowell of Byzantium)

Byzantium small adobe with garden base (modified)

Byzantium country Mosque