Sunday 21 June 2015

Viva Mexico!

Ian Clunie Shell Hole Scenics and Paul Thompson Early War Miniatures have combined their considerable talents to create 20mm forces for one of my favourite periods - Mexican Revolution smile

Ian was kind enough to send me a couple of samples, these packs should all be ready by Bovington -

Federal inf regulars in visor cap 11 rifles & 1 officer
Federal Inf regulars in Sun Helmet 11 rifles & 1 officer
Federal inf irregulars 11 rifles & 1 officer
Federal regular Hotchkiss MMG with 3 crew X 2 in visor cap
Federal regular Hotchkiss MMG with 3 crew X 2 in sun helmet
The James Cockburn character from A FIST FULL of DYNAMITE

Ian also will have gun crews in both visor cap & sun helmet; Dismount cav figures with LMG but some of these still need other figures to finished to make up the packs. 
The mounted cav & the first Indian packs will also be ready for Bovi. The Guns by mid to end of July & the Armoured truck should be out mid August.

There are also some resin cacti (also reviewed) They will be in packs of 12 bases for £9.00. 

They along with first figures will be available at Bovi

Ian also tells me he is working on his first adobe house too!!

Anyway first the cacti
Federal regulars in sun helmet
Federal regulars in visor cap
Federal irregulars
Posed shot with the gateway I did earlier

Wednesday 17 June 2015


More finished walls and stuff, two gateways this time
All figures and the SDKFZ 247 are just to show sizes

Large pantiled gateway by Captain Jack's Locker
Really 28mm, but looks the business I think.
Pictured here with Mexican Army Cadets (conversions of Tumbling Dice early WW1 Germans)
 Inside view showing the size of the gateway and gates illustrated by the splendid Hobbyden Sdkfz 247
A closer look of the wall and buttressing with a "girl with gun" by Elhiem Figures
 I had a few odd bits left, corners from S&S Models and some pillars/supports off Captain Jack's Locker so I cobbled together another gateway 

Sunday 14 June 2015

More adobe walls and bits

More walls and stuff 
All figures and the truck is just for scale

Minimi tall Adobe walls, based, painted and generally tarted up. I decided I could used these high walls as "town walls" so added some wooden guard walks. I also thought I could link them together within a town with a couple of buildings to create a Caravanserai quite common across the Arab world (a sort of fortified hotel).

I`ve made extra effort with the bases as an experiment

Two 90 degree corners and a straight 
 Inside of one corner, I decided to build an animal pen into it
 All the straights got guard gantries and ladders
 Second corner, i build a typical Arab shanty into it
 Gate straight
 Inside view
 Another straight
 And another
 The whole lot combined into a simple Caravanserai using a Hovels warehouse to finish things off

Thursday 4 June 2015

Ploughed field

Ploughed field (very old school)
Carpet tile, with Dapol (Airfix) fencing, a bit off a Matchbox diorama base, scatter and foliage :)