Monday 8 July 2019

Wales Airshow 2019

Wales Airshow 2019

Held over the weekend 6-7th July, right opposite the guesthouse over stunning Swansea Bay

New for this year and quite a surprise when I opened up for breakfast were a pair of full size replica aircraft standing less than 100ft from our front door - a Hurricane and a Spitfire
 Our guesthouse just behind

 Assembling the Spitfire
 The view from our room 3

 from the dining room

 Completed spitfire
 Stripping down the Hurricane on the Sunday

Again sitting opposite our place

 Our eldest son Alex (21)
 View from the dining room

 all packed up and ready to go

Battle of Britain Flight 

A pair of Spitfires and 2 Hispano-Suiza Me109G with Merlin engines (used in the Battle of  Britain movie 1969). 
These simulated dogfights across the sky, on the Sunday, there was a soundtrack of machine gun fire.


 Tigers Parachute display team
 Swansea`s 50yrs flag

 T-33 Shooting Star

 Red Arrows

 Tigers (again) doing a twilight jump with sparklers