Friday, 1 February 2019

Terrain bits

Terrain bits

I continue working my way through boxes and drawers, making stuff out of bits`n pieces, about another weeks work all together.
Britannia Volksturm just for scale

Various plastic tents turned into a camp

Bunker (old plastic bunker from Fujimi)
I`ve used bits from a Matchbox diorama base to give it a dug-in look

Bunker with Pak36 (old plastic bunker from Fujimi)
Again I`ve used bits from a Matchbox diorama base to give it a dug-in look

Hovels resin MG field bunker

All three together

Britannia resin open emplacement with 50mm AT gun

Home made emplacements (air drying clay) at least 25yrs old

Street lamps (off Matchbox bases)

Wills Railways plastic shed

Monday, 28 January 2019

Circassian Cavalry

Circassian Cavalry

I`ve wanted to create a small representative units of these for a while now.

So with some old Esci Napoleonics, a sharp knife and some paint, I`ve created these:
Painted in summer uniform

 Ex-Airfix US Cavalryman with head-swap as an NCO
 all together

Mounted Germans

Mounted Germans

Finishing off odds`n sods, all told I must now have about two platoons of mounted Germans now 

2x Revell gunners
 2 Britannia Miniatures 
One is an SS Cavalryman, the other the "fat soldier on supply horse"
all together


Tuesday, 22 January 2019

German field police

German Field Police

Mostly Britannia Miniatures
 I think the guy on the left is FAA?
 Britannia sentries

 A few shots playing with the bits of terrain I did earlier

Italian Guns

Italian Guns

All Early War Miniatures

Gun crew
All head-swapped (sun helmet to normal steel type)
 Krupp 75/27 field gun

 75mm Deport gun

 65/11 Field Gun

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Railway bits

Railway Bits

Bought these sheds at the model railway show last year cheap, a quick repaint and they`ll make useful sheds or shacks to fill open areas on tabletop

I turned this little one into a sentry box and built the pole from bits`n pieces


Industrial scrap bin

Industrial Scrap Bin

Nice one piece resin casting from Anyscale Models, highly useful for an industrial table