Tuesday 21 June 2016

Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance

Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance

Based loosely on a photo from Squadron/Signal No21 - Sdkfz 251 in action which claims to be a 251/8 attached to schwere Panzerabteilung 501 in Tunisia. Now I`ve found not other evidence of this, but I haven`t found written evidence of the Panzer Pioneer vehicle with the AAMGs I did a few weeks back (and there is a photo of this vehicle). So I decided to do one -
Matchbox 251B with added stowage and new S&S Models tarpaulin painted to suit -
Note the 501st battalion insignia

An attempt at detailing with the medics helmet and medical bag

More American Recce

American armoured recce

American recce battalions had some armoured elements and I wanted to field some of these as part of my newly refurbished battalion unit.

Both are Britannia models with added stowage, I replaced the terrible over-sized .30cal AAMGs with nicer ones more in scale.

M5 lt tank

M8 75HMC

German assault guns

Late-war assault guns

These complete my 3 vehicle late war assault gun batterie (third vehicle already packed for its journey to Spain)

Britannia model with added stowage and a smashing crew from Andy Grubb

 An attempted close-up of the crew

StuH 105mm
Plastci kit from Esci (I think?) with added stowage

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Small mud brick structure

Small mud brick structure

New piece from S&S Models (Figures just for scale)
Elhiem girl with gun 
 Mei Lai the assassin (Elhiem)
 Plastic Israeli girlie


Monday 13 June 2016

Rif War additions

Additions for my Rif War project

Plastic Arabs
A mix of old Airfix and Italeri plastics with minor alterations and conversions
The Vickers 2.95 inch is from David Reasoner 

Various plastics from Revell, Italeri, Red Box and Esci with some head-swaps
The `75 is from Bandera Miniatures

Artillery crew

 Comms team



Resin pieces - painted and then tarted up, all figures and the half-track are for scale.

Lancer Miniatures 2-man emplacement w/shelter
3 models all painted and flocked slightly different 

Lancer Miniatures barricades

This last one had a Jeep buried in it, so I hid it beneath clay and old stocking to make the piece more usable in our non-WW2 games  

Large platoon size trench by S&S Models

Saturday 11 June 2016

Military photos 6

All taken at War & Peace show in Kent

Airborne Jeeps

 LRDG Chevy
 LRDG Ford
 M4 (75) cast hull
 Fully loaded M3
Part of a reenactment display

 M8 with Free French markings


 25pdr with limber and portee
 Another M8
 Sherman (76)

Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham Kent

Churchill ARC
 Churchill Carpet Layer