Monday 25 November 2019

Cold War Spanish

Cold War Spanish

New figures from Mathew @ Elhiem Figures, various cold war West Germans and generic NATO troops with G3 and M1 pots

I`ve painted these up to join my 1980/90s Spanish mech cavalry unit, my only post-1970 unit of any type

MG3 in sustained fire mode

I`m pretty sure the Spanish never used the Uzi, so excuse my liberty 

Spotter team


Two kneeling firing 
one with scope


Saturday 16 November 2019

Tropical French

Vichy troops defending France`s honour in her colonies against the Allies

Elhiem Tropical French AT gun crew 

Same guys with the only gun I had to hand  
The guy with the binos and Kepi in EWM

Elhiem 81mm mortar & crew 
The standing officer comes from the command pack

All gunners and mortar crew together

EWM Bir Hakiem FFL 
These will probably do double duty with 6th Legion Regiment in Syria too

Converted EWM surrendering 1940 Frenchman
Now a legionnaire running with a VB launcher

Elhiem command pack - I couldn`t resist head-swapping one guy with a Raventhorpe Kepi

Two packs of infantry

All ten infantry together

Saturday 2 November 2019

Mexican revolution additions

Mexican Revolution Additions

I like to paint things in related batches :)

10 Early War Miniatures Villaistas/irregulars/bandits

Tumbling Dice 2-wheel cart 
The driver was a German from the Airfix Opel Blitz, the wagon cover is from S&S Models (one of their resin Hanomag tarps)
Of course with a different driver, this could serve in any of my early C20th forces, even WW2 Germans or French :)
The horses are seperate; so I can also use the cart as terrain filler if required

Single mounted Federal trooper
Airfix RHA figure with a Tumbling Dice rifle arm on an Airfix horse

2 x Early War Miniatures 1917 era Yanks

37mm (1pdr) Maxim "Pom-Pom" automatic cannon
By Raventhorpe with a scratch crew

37mm (1 pdr) Hotchkiss revolving cannon
The gun started out as a 42mm size/scale Gatling gun from Irregular Miniatures, I mounted it on a 20mm carriage and added the gun shield, the crew are from the Hat Gatling gun set with Raventhorpe heads

A couple more shots of the gun 
which I am well happy with

British additions

A few additions to my deserty British

Medical guys and casualties to go with the K3 ambulance I built

Stretcher team 
(Andy Grubb)

Medic with casualty 
(Andy Grubb)

Casualty & mate 

Soldier helping mate & medic 

2" mortar team
 (Andy Grubb)

British armoured cars for Syria 1941

British armoured cars for Syria 1941

Built and painted straight out of the box/packet, some added stowage.
These will probably become Yorkshire Yeomanry in one of our Christmas games

Matchbox Humber II

Frontline Rolls Royce
(new Vickers)

Both Together