Friday 13 December 2019

Factory ruin WIP

Factory ruin WIP

After giving this some thought about the commercial options, I decided it couldn`t hurt to give it a go myself using whatever I had to hand.

I wanted a substantial building, so cut two pieces of 4mm hardboard to shape, then cutout windows and a double door. Over this I`ve laid some vac-u-form brick,  cut out the windows and doors from this and now affixed the pieces together. These two will form a corner section (joined at the flat edge), onto this frame I`ll add partial wooden floors and mount the whole thing onto a base with rubble and detritus. This may take some time :)

Saturday 7 December 2019

More urban ruins

A larger piece of urban ruin

A much larger piece 8" x 15"

Again made up of Esci & Bellona vac-u-form ruins Plus Matchbox diorama bits, with bits of Tamyia 1/35 scale walls, Britains walls, Airfix roofing and various scatter - not art, but will fill part of an urban layout  :D 

Sunday 1 December 2019

Generic urban ruin area

Generic urban ruin area

Built using all sorts of crap, bits of Matchbox and Esci scenic bases, various bits of walls, etc