Monday, 16 December 2013

SOTCW Journal issue 80 is out!

SOTCW (Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers)
Journal 80 is now out!

In this issue you will find –

Punta de Lanza    - A variant on Spearhead rules for the Spanish Civil War
Alan Hamilton gives a history lesson on 100yrs in wargaming

Several tabletop scenarios –
The Drive on Kalach, August 1942 (mini-campaign for Spearhead)
Let the UN Sort it Out! – 1980s Lebanon
Brief Encounter – Normandy 1944
The Return of Assan – (pt3 of Chris Stoesen`s Peace in Galilee mini-campaign)
VLAMGAT – Check Your 6! Jet Age scenario

Other articles –
Soviet Clich├ęs of the Great Patriotic War
Red Army Wasps
Taxis in Palestine 1938
A travelogue around “The Bulge”
Ramming attacks in air combat rules

Plus all the usual review columns

I`d like to apologise for the delays in publishing this issue; but thank all those who took the time and effort to contribute.

Richard B.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pioneer platoons

Last bits for 2013.

Pioneer Platoon, support Kompanie, Kradschutzen 10

Ready to Roll Horch Kfz15 w/ Raventhorpe (white metal kit) general service trailer
All the crew except the driver are Combat Miniatures, lots of mixed stowage

10 - man platoon, a mix of Britannia, Kelly`s Heroes and Raventhorpe

2nd Platoon, 3. Kompanie, Panzer-Pioneer-49

 Another old Fujimi Sdkfz 251B converted into a 251/7 using Esci parts, lots of mixed stowage

10-man platoon, a mix of Britannia, Kelly`s Heroes (with head-swops) and Raventhorpe

Yearly totals!!!!!!!!

This year has been very poor for actual gaming, not one single game all year. But I have had a very good building/painting year - all 20mm for my Tunisian project -

128 x various German infantry & gun crew & pioneers
11 x Italian infantry
68 x various French [infantry, Goumiers, motorcycle troops, gunners; plus 2 horses and 2 mules]
54 x various British infantry
2 x emplaced guns (Pak36r & 25lbr)
12 x various trucks
37mm AA + ammo trailer
2 x Pak38
Marder III (pak40) & 3 crew
4 x M/C, 10 x M/C combinations (10 Italian & 4 German crew)
2 tents & 3 camp fires
Krump towing a Pak38 + 5 crew
Krump towing a 20mm flak + 5 crew
Kubelwagon & 4 crew
Horch & 6 crew
Horch mit 20mm flak & trailer + 4 crew
Tiger I (2 commanders)
Pz IIIN (commander)
S-35 (commander)
Humber Mk2 (commander)
25mm Hotchkiss
Citroen P15 + 3 crew
2 x 37mm AC de Marine
Jeep (driver)
2 x US halftracks (10 crew)
Beute M3 mit 20mm flak & trailer (5 crew)
3 x Sdkfz 251 + 15 crew
Sdkfz 251/2 mit 28mm rockets (3 crew)
Sdkfz 250/3 (commander)
2 x Sdkfz 250
2 x Valentine III (2 commanders)
Marder III (Pak36r) + 3 crew
Sdkfz 252 + trailer
Sdkfz 10/4 & trailer + 4 crew
Sdkfz 11
Sdkfz 7
Panzer IIIH command tank (commander)
Panzer IIIL
Panzer II
Sdkfz 223 (commander)
Kfz15 + trailer & 4 crew
Sdkfz 251/7

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Finishing units (10th Panzer project)

HQ element for Kradschutzen-Battalion 10
Sdkfz223 & Kublewagon (seen earlier) plus command squad made up of Raventhorpe and Britannia figures 

Support Kompanie Kradschultzen-Battalion 10
Horch field car (pictured earlier) as a tow for a Britannia 75mm IG, with a mixed crew (Airfix, Raventhorpe & PSC)

IV Abteilung, Panzer Artillery Regiment 90 (formally Heersflak-Abt. 302)
Venerable Airfix Sdkfz7 and a Britannia `88 and DAK crew (pictured earlier)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Command element for 1st battalion, 7th Panzer Regiment

I`ve had a very productive week, and have finally got around to painting up the first of the Panzers.

MMS Panzer IIIH with a SHQ commander

Classic Matchbox, Panzer IIIL and Panzer II
 The whole element together

Friday, 22 November 2013


Sdkfz 223 for Kradschutzen-battalion 10

SHQ kit with a plastic (Esci?) commander

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Kradschutzen-Battalion 10

The recce battalion of 10th Panzer was Kradschutzen-Battalion 10. 2nd Kompanie was motorcycles, I`ve decided to field just two platoons.
I found I was some M/C combinations short, so bought a couple of SHQ models with DAK crews

 I then rummaged through drawers and boxes and dug out any old, broken or badly painted ones (various plastic kits) and repaired and re-painted them in a standard scheme.

Two platoons finished using figures previously painted.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Completing Panzerjager Abteilung 90

Completing Panzerjager Abteilung 90

Pak40 with tow and crew (2. Kompanie had 9 of these)
Re-painted Matchbox Sdkfz7 & Pak40 with a Britannia crew

Sdkfz10/4 (originally 3./Fla. 55; now 3. Kompanie Panzerjager Abteilung 90) they had 8 single and 2 quad SP 20mm AA
Altered and converted Di-cast Sdkfz10, mixed crew (AB, SHQ & Airfix), S&S trailer