Saturday 19 October 2019

Mexican photo

Mexican photo

One of our favourite places to eat in Alicante (and there are several) is Las Cantina, a Mexican restaurant with lovely staff, great food and a wonderful colourful interior plus great music :)

We went this time around quite early (as far as the Spanish were concerned) for lunch and the place was quite quiet allowing me to look around and take a few photos of the decor for FB - as you do :)
Among the posters and photos on the walls was this interesting Mexican Revolution image:
The image shows a soldier (probably a Federal conscript) and his woman having a tender moment whilst waiting beside a rail-line.
The reason I think he is a Federal and NOT one of the other factions is due to him and guy behind both wearing dark (probably blue) kepi. This type of headgear is irrevocably linked to the French and Maxamillion era of Mexican history and treated with contempt and hatred by anti-government, more liberal forces.

The photo was taken by renown Mexican photographer Agustin Casasola 1874 - 1928

Now as it happened I was familiar with his work as I own a collection of his images, so was able to have a chat with the Mexican owner about his photos and the revolution be it in a mix of my poor Spanish and his poor English :)


Friday 18 October 2019

Wargames room in Spain update

Extra storage

Storage has always been the bane of my wargames life, I`ve never had the room.
Now with the dedicated underbuild room in Spain I can finally spread out and store everything properly.
Last time we were there in August I spotted and grabbed three kitchen wall cabinets someone had dumped by the communal bins - waste not, want not :)

Cabinet 1

 Cabinet 2 &3 (with new shelves fitted)

 Cheap plastic stacking drawer brought from Wales
 Buildings in their new plastic box
 I took time to re-arrange all my railway bits into one drawer of the tailor's display cabinet
 A couple of shots of the room as it looks now

Some photos of the toys
DAK/10th Panzer plus odd beute stuff and some Italian armour on the far right
 NWE Germans
 US armd infantry, engineers, recce and general transport
 US armour, Tunisian stuff and from the blue van in the center all my varied French kit from 1917 to 1943
 British desert stuff on the left, Free French on the right

Friday 4 October 2019

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger

Mediterranean Fallschirmjäger

Mainly for Tunisia as these can be either JFR.5 or Major Witzig`s XI Fallschirmpioneer Battalion

Playing around with tropical uniforms and mixed kit

9 prone figures all by either Kelly`s Heroes or Britannia

50mm mortar





all together