Wednesday 15 June 2022

Di-cast WIP (update 24th June)

 Di-cast WIP

I`ve spent a couple of days sorting out various di-cast toys to repurpose them for my various wargaming forces

Bill Krieg was kind enough to send me three of these last year, this one was complete and I`ve decided to use as is except for a new green paint job and some French commercial decals.

This one I`ve turned into a cargo truck using various stowage (mostly from S&S Models)

I also added a tow hook
I`ve decided after much thought to make the last blue tanker lorry into a cargo vehicle too this time with a canopy, the block here will be a former for the canopy which I`ll make using papier-mache

I month or so back I picked up some interesting vehicles are a local flea market 
These plastic trailers came with a modern tractor
 I removed the loads and added lots of mixed stowage

As you can see it fits nicely behind the truck

Trailer No2

I didn`t want to waste the old loads so will turn them into battlefield scatter

This will become a new command HQ vehicle for my Italians

Monday 13 June 2022

Return From Casabona

 Return from Casabona

After I posted the original scenario Alan Hamilton suggested I revisit the table and fight the return journey, so here we go. 

 The scenario

This game follows straight on from the Convoy game I played earlier, after a few hours unloading supplies and loading up the wounded the convoy must make its way back to Spanish lines. The various picket groups must defend the convoy and then fall back in echelon with it to the start line. The Berbers and their Arab allies must try to prevent this if possible.

Spanish forces

All units received casualties in the first game, some returns have been given representing lightly wounded, lost, etc

Elements of Companies No5 & No8 (support), II Bandera La Legion

1st Mia (Company) – 2nd Tabor de Regulares de Melilla

“A” Squadron of Regimiento de Husares de la Princesa (this unit down to one half troop of mounted troopers)

Company: Regimiento de infanteria No31 “La Corona” – one platoon from this command has volunteered to remain at Casabona to replace casualties

Coy Hq plus 1st & 2nd platoons

Convoy with: various wagons, mules and an ambulance

Photos of the convoy forming up, you can also see the remaining Husares and half a platoon from La Corona here


2 x 75mm batteries

The Spanish can also call: 2 sortees from 2 bi-plane fighter bombers armed with machine guns and bombs, these arrive 1D6 turns after being called and will attack targets as required (guided by heliograph). The planes can deliver one turn of strafing and one bomb run either 2 x 15pdr high ex OR on a roll of 5-6 (1D6) mustard gas!!

Riffi & allies

For the purposes of the game the Berbers already on the table as they have been skirmishing with and sniping at the various Spanish units. These are all the warriors available and must be used sparingly. Initially s ome are considered concealed from line of sight and cannot be fired up until they move or are spotted!

 Concealed Riffi can only be spotted once they are within rifle range on 5-6 (1D6) OR via binoculars, etc up to 30” (again 5-6 on 1D6) - obviously once they fire their position is exposed

 Initial Riffi present on tabletop:

4 x 10-figure Hamsein (one has a Lewis LMG)

1 x MMG team

1 x 70mm mountain gun

The Riffi commander has spotted what he thinks is a fatal flaw in the Spanish defensive pocket, the Spanish right has moved up beyond the lumber yard exposing this whole flank! So on turn 10 a large number a lowland Arab cavalry which has slowly been moving into position over the last few hours will charge onto the table on the Spanish right with plan to envelope the track at the lumber yard and catch the Spanish column!!

 Arab cavalry (average morale)

1 x 9 fig group, 2 x 10 fig groups

Turns 1 & 2
The convoy slowly made its way down the track escorted by the cavalry, the Riffi began sniping at the various Spanish positions, casualties occurred on both sides.

Turn 3
The withdrawal continued the rear most Spanish units (both part of La Corona), take quite a few casualties this turn, the Riffi press towards these positions. Good news for the Spanish as the airforce arrive over the table.

Turn 4 
The Spanish planes fail to bomb anyone! Legionnaires on the far left break up a Berber attack scattering the survivors!

Turn 5
The Berbers move their 70mm mountain gun to try and open a route to the track and convoy

Fighting and casualties right across the table, the convoy moves further down the trail.
Turn 6 
The aircraft return strafing the old lookout tower and actually killing a few Berbers

The Riffi cannon misses its first shot and watches helplessly as the Hotchkiss wipes out a group of Berber in front of it.

On a positive note Berbers attacking the Spanish rearguard on the left manage to cause a morale check which the survivors fail and they flee down the track after the convoy abandoning their duty!
Turn 7 
The Riffi gun misses (again), Spanish artillery try and find the hidden (from their perspective) gun unsuccessfully.

A Legion Lieutenant decides to take his command and attack the gun himself

Turn 8
Having noticed the rearguard breaking the remaining Husares de la Princesa turn and charge the Berbers to protect the convoy

The convoy reaches the saw mill

Mounting casualties finally crack 1st platoon of La Corona who break and join the general retreat – luckily for the Spanish the Berbers have no more warriors to commit in that area so cannot take advantage

The Spanish guns continue to target the hidden Berber cannon unsuccessfully, but the Legionnaires can now see it and with cries of Viva la Muerta! they Charge!!

Turn 9
Although sniping continues, the Berbers can`t get close enough to the column which plods along
Berbers look on unable do anything

On the left the legionnaires charge the gun and fight hand to hand with the Berber, some excellent roles later see the legionnaires all killed except one (who will soon join his mates) – such is the luck of the dice!!

Turn 10 
The Arab horsemen burst onto the tabletop – but the convoy is well down the table!

Turns 11 – 14
Spanish artillery lays down effective covering fire, whilst the convoy rushes to get across the lines to safety. Even though the Arabs reach the track they are unable to get close enough to attack the convoy. Spanish win.

Of course this did leave a lot of Legionnaires, Regulares, Husares and infantry out on the table, but covered by the artillery I saw no problems with them withdrawing back to Spanish lines.