Friday 28 September 2018

Sdkfz 251 b mitt Pak38

Sdkfz 251 b mitt Pak38

Now I`d seen this first photos ages back and always assumed it was 10th Panzer vehicle, because of the other vehicles photographed including a captured T28 SP AA. But the second photo which is obviously the same vehicle shows it to be a Ausf B 251 (which therefore can`t belong to 10PD), it has been identified as belonging to 15th Panzer by various people on the internet? Anyway i happened to have a 30+ year old Fujimi "b" so decided to build it using a SHQ gun, mixed stowage and crew.
Original photos

My model

Panzers for 7th Panzer Regiment, Tunisia

Reinforcements for 10PD 

Whilst writing up a scenario to run at Christmas I suddenly realised I may be a bit short of actual tanks for 7th Panzer Regiment so ordered a few more.
2 x Airfix Panzer IV F2, 1 x Matchbox panzer IIIL
All straight out of the box, plus added stowage, the commanders are PSC

Old campaigner

Old Campaigner

An old Eidai Panzer IV F2 kit with side skirts from Early War Miniatures and mixed stowage
This will join my late war ad hoc panzer group 

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Crashed bi-plane

Crashed bi-plane

Part of a job-lot ages back,  old Airfix Gypsy Moth (I think?) missing parts, badly warped, so i`ve turned her into a wreck which will suit any of my between the wars or even early WW2 battlefields

Surviving pilot (Elheim Figures)

Barbed wire

Barbed wire 

About 2.5 foot, bought off Ebay, added matchstick posts and based 
Quite impressed how effective the wire looks (figures for scale) 

Saturday 15 September 2018

French additions

More French Additions

Horse tow for infantry guns/lt AT guns 
Both EWM, these can join any of my French units from 1920 to 1943    
Gun tow 
(I added the pick & shovel and sack to the horse tack)

This is the vehicle trailer, i scratched the tack together, the horse is Imex

You`ll have to imagine a towed gun and horse holders   

Peloton 4e Esc, 8e Motto de la Garde; Hir Moussa, Tunisia, January `43

Juin`s XIX Corps held it`s only mobile reserve at Hir Moussa, this included 4th squadron of the Garde. 
Now when i initially found this I assumed they were motorised, turned out they had bicycles - d`oh!    Now no-one does French motorised troops on bikes so I had to improvise.
Various EWM Danes and Frenchmen all head-swapped, some other minor alterations plus I`ve added stowage to the bikes, the loose bikes are Raventhorpe

All together

Monday 10 September 2018

More Deserty Brits

Desert British

About a weeks work

46 various infantry and gunners 

During our summer break in Spain, I was writing a new scenario based on a battle in Tunisia. I quickly realised I did not have enough British to field the complete battalion required and not enough gunners to man the guns needed either. As soon as I returned home I popped a quick order off to Andy Grubb and now the gaps are filled.
This now gives me enough infantry to fill out my Desert British to battalion strength with enough gunners for two 25pdr batteries plus a battery HQ

Mostly Britannia & Kelly`s Heroes, the gunners are mainly Raventhorpe, plus some odds`n sods and minor conversions
O group
29 infantry

Britannia 3" mortar team (with a nicer mortar)

Sunday 2 September 2018

PzSpw P.204 (f)

PzSpw P.204 (f)

A Resin Panhard 178 that I have no idea who made it? I picked this up as part of a job lot ages ago, I added a panzer II storage bin and German stowage and painted her up as a PzSpw P.204 (f), this will join my late-war armoured recce battalion which as you will remember is pretty rag-tag with lots of odds`n sods vehicles  :D 

More support for my deserty Brits

British guns

More support for my deserty Brits  

Classic Airfix Bofors with Morris tow and crew (one of the seated gunners is a Retrokit resin left over from another model to mix it up a little)

Early War Miniatures 37mm Bofors AT gun with a mixed crew (Raventhorpe & Britannia)