Friday 30 September 2016

Small factory

Small Factory

Originally one of the buildings from the classic Airfix La Haye Sante set

This has had some major rework and chopping about plus I added the furnace and chimney from najewitz-modellbau to turn it into a small factory. The figures are just for scale.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

More terrain


I continue my plodding attempts at terrain modelling.
It occurred to me that the rail-line I build earlier would have to cross the river on our tabletop, so after much faffing about and planning I`ve knocked up a simple rail-bridge.

I`ve built the bridge in three parts for ease of storage and transport, the embankments are of polystyrene and plaster, the bridge deck is a resin piece by Anyscale Models, all the rail track is Hornby. All figures and vehicles are just for scale. 

A couple of shots of how it butts onto the pieces I already build.


Some shots with figures for scale

I also build another plowed field

Friday 23 September 2016

Schwere Panzerabteilungen 501, Tunisia January 1943

Schwere Panzerabteilungen 501, Tunisia January 1943

All together in one place all based on photos

Kfz15 car with trailer and twin AA MGs
Raventhorpe white metal vehicle and trailer with a mixed crew and stowage
This represents the Panzer Pioneer platoon of the battalion

Captured M3 with Ben Hur trailer 
Used by the battalion as a maintenance vehicle 
Matchbox M16 chassis with Fujimi parts, modified Airfix trailer plus loads of added stowage and a mixed crew

Battalion on the move
Tiger 112 is a Hasawaga model, the Panzer IIIM is by Britannia

Sdkfz9 FAMO 18-ton half-track with Bilstein crane
Di-cast model, repainted with added stowage and driver

Sdkfz 251/8 ambulance
Fujimi 251 with S&S models canopy and added stowage

Thursday 22 September 2016



Clearing out drawers and sorting bits out led to a run of Yanks - just over a weeks worth all told.

2 platoons or armoured engineers (for the tracks I did earlier) plus a 4-figure HQ

HQ (3 x Lancashire Games, the guy at the back is an unknown US para (modified to look like a foot slogger) 

1st platoon

L-R SHQ Flamethrower, now i maybe wrong but I think the other two guys are special Battlefield Rangers now OOP? 

L-R SHQ w/Bangalore torpedo plus two more of those Rangers

L-R SHQ, Unknown US Marine?, 2 x plastic Revell US infantry 

2nd Platoon (includes an old Skytrex officer missing from the close-ups)

All three from Grubby Tanks

L-R Unknown US Marine?, Grubby tanks mine detector, Raventhorpe

L-R Grubby, Unknown?, Grubby

Infantry plus support

L-R Grubby (rifle grenadier), unknown US para w/BAR (modified), Grubby

L-R Grubby (rifle Grenadier), unknown US para rifleman (modified), Grubby US Marine (head swapped and modified)

L-R 3 more unknown US Marines (all slightly modified), Platoon20 early US infantry with Springfield (altered to look light a sniper rifle)

60mm mortar team - tube plus 2 crew from Grubby (one altered), the third guy is old Skytrex

57mm AT plus crew - all SHQ

.30cal MMg team - gun & gunner Raventhorpe, No2 altered Platoon20 early US infantryman