Friday 30 October 2020

Finished tow

Cheap German tow

 The Germans made use of whatever transport was available.

There were large quantities of Dodge, Fargo, Ford and Chevy trucks all over Europe, many built in licensed factories

This is a bit of a fudge as the model is actually a 1947 one, but I think It will look OK at 4ft across a tabletop :)

New wheels, raised wooden sides, bench seating, a rifle rack behind the cab :) and loads of stowage.

The crew are a mix of S&S, SHQ and MMS 

My plan is to use it as a tow for my Volksgrenadier Regiment, so here it is with a 75mm IG

Sunday 18 October 2020

Chevy tow WIP

 I don`t usually bother with WIP as I work pretty fast, but now I`m retired I have time to plod along.

Here is that di-cast Matchbox 1947 1/4 ton Chevy 

My plan is to alter it to look like a 1930s model which has been field modified by the Germans as a tow.

New wheels, raised wooded sides, seating, a rifle rack behind the cab and stowage. Pictured here with the selected crew all before undercoating and painting. 

Saturday 3 October 2020

I`m a lucky boy

Present for a good boy 

Went to town this morning with Debbie, usual shopping, etc.

Called into a craft/cheap store called Tedi and among the stuff was a pile of Matchbox di-cast cars @ 1 Euro a piece, because I`d been a good boy Debbie let me have a reward

A 1947 1/2 ton Chevy, which with a bit of work and paint will join my late war German transport  

  I am a lucky boy