Sunday 6 September 2015

Female militia platoon

3rd platoon of 2nd militia company once again all female
Mostly Miniarons, with a single Force20 resistance fighter, a few head-swaps, some weapon changes (SMG or flag pole to rifle), I also changed the Chauchat to a Lewis.

Republican Battalion HQ

I like command and control in our games, but I only usually go as far as battalion HQs

The usual mix of Bandera and Irregular, but I could resist using some old Airfix WW1 French too, the officer in green with the beret is an Italeri plastic with Raventhorpe head 

 Raventhorpe telephone op and a Force20 female RTO 

Nationalist Cavalry Troop

10 - figure troop
Irregular Miniatures with some head-swaps

Republican Militia Company

These will become the second company of my Republican Militia Battalion

1st, 2nd and HQ platoons are the usual mix of Bandera & Irregular Miniatures with some head-swaps and minor conversions; there are also some Force20 resistance fighters in the mix

Spanish Civil War FA-1 armoured car

Another of those cheap Russian di-casts
Re-painted with hand-painted decals and slogans

M3 Lees for Tunisia

Recently The Works were stocking some cheap Russian di-cast models/toys.
Even though ur local shop in Swansea had none; Alan Mccoubry was kind enough to pick up a couple for me.

After a quick re-paint and some added yellow stars, here they are to join my Tunisian Yanks.