Sunday 10 April 2016

Wargames room in Spain

Slipped off to Spain during the Easter break, spent most of the two weeks working on the garden, house and cleaning the pool ready for the summer, but we did continue to improve Dad`s wargames room in the cellar.

Overview of the room 
New 8x4ft table with base cloth + cupboards and storage

Shop display drawer
Found in a charity furniture shop for 100 Euro (bargain) 
Will provide both storage and display

 One drawer missing and another without a front, but hardly detracts from the whole.

Desk and kitchen wall cupboard were in the cellar when we bought the place, the display cabinet cost 30 Euro from the same charity shop

Box of building s we took out in hand luggage

Captain Jack`s Spanish church with my Blotz walls and gravestones
I wanted to see how they looked on the new base cloth - pretty good IMHO

New purchase
Found this in a Chinese (cheap) shop on our last day
Fish-tank item, cost 3.5 Euro, I just couldn`t resist at that price.