Saturday 23 May 2015

More Blotz Terrain

Continuing my feeble attempts to improve my terrain, I finished off some more of these Blotz Terrain Lazer cut wooden "puzzles"
2 stone jetties and a "damaged" wooden one 
 I used these EWM Bedouin for scale purposes in this photo I added a Minimi boat (again for scale)
 Wooden fencing
Again easy flat-pack style, you get 6 x 5 inch strips plus a gate (again figures for scale)

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Generic Market place

I`m not very good with terrain or the visual appeal of our games, it really isn`t that critical to me. I do however aim of try and improve and occasionally try my hand a something. Here is my attempt at a generic third world market place, which could be usable in any of our games - Rif War, Tunisia or even Mexico once i have suitable civilians.
The cobble-stone base is Vac-U-Form
Hay wagon from Combat Miniatures (new wheels), the Arab is also Combat Miniatures (a camel rider I think?)
 Britannia donkey cart (new wheels)
Retrokit goats & goatherd, the boy is from S&S Models  
 Various Arabs (Retrokit & S&S Models)

Combat Miniatures mule
 Blotz Terrain market stalls with S&S Models goods
 Blotz Terrain handcart with various S&S Models terrain items
The whole lot set out with buildings to give a general idea.

 A different setting using African civilians and a Toyota (all from S&S Models)

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Late war Germans

Something a little different: some late war Germans

 Rag tag infantry or Panzergrenadier squad
A mix of Elheim Panzer Lehr plus a new early war LMG team, a couple of Underfire Miniatures figures, plus an off FAA grenadier and an SHQ officer 
 L-R Elheim Panzer Lehr, UnderFire early war infantry (modified), Elheim PL, Underfire SS
 FAA, Elheim PL (modified), SHQ
 Elheim early war LMG team (modified)
 Elheim PL sniper
 I love this photo

Minimi 251D with added stowage
Crew - gunner Battlefield, SMGs & rifleman Underfire Miniatures, officer Elheim