Wednesday 10 June 2020

Panther G

In honour Of John Dowman RIP 

Over on the Wargamers` Forum they have "builds" now John Dowman was the founding member o that forum and in his honour they are doing a special build - it has to be a German tank 
John and I had many, many jokey conversations about his love for "big Cats" and my aversion for the same.

For this build in honour of our friend I present the first Panther I have ever owned in the 50 or so yrs since I started building models  

Here`s to you John, having a beer and laughing your arse off at my feeble efforts   

We miss you mate 

Armourfast Panther G with a PSC commander and mixed stowage

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Some photos of Swansea

Some photos of Swansea

Boer War Memorial

Mural benches 
Done for the anniversary of 1918 

Cast example

War memorial

WW2 era bunker on the beach