Friday 24 September 2021

Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent

 Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent

Now I haven`t visited this museum in nearly 26yrs, I`m not even sure if I was married back then?

The museum is situated a short walk up the hill from both Chatham Maritime and Fort Amherst, so you could if you have a day to kill (and a patient partner) visit all three together 😀

Gate guardian a Chieftain AVRE

The grounds/carpark of the museum has a huge collection of various engineer vehicles

The cost to enter was £12, but this allows you multiple entries over a 12 month period.

The collection starts at the forming of the corps of engineers and progresses through to the present day.


John Chard (or Rork`s Drift fame)

A mini submarine

WW1 trench mortar

Airborne engineer

There were some amazing dioramas and models

Petard mortar


V2 engine


A piece of the Berlin wall