Sunday 17 May 2020

Even more terrain

More terrain

This piece started out as a sample piece of 28mm railtrack, I`ve combined it with the shell crater from the Matchbox Humber II diorama base. 
This creates a crude mined/destroyed section of track

Industrial chimney
Anyscale Models


Friday 15 May 2020

More scratched together terrain

Railway line

Bits of Matchbox diorama base roughly patched together with odd bits of HO railway to create about 50cms of track.

I built the barricade to cover a really bad joint  :D 

Figures for scale

Monday 11 May 2020

Even more Vichy

The last for now :) 
All Early War Miniatures

25mm Hotchkiss CA39 DCA (Defense Contra Avions) with crew

Radio/command post

Wednesday 6 May 2020

More Vichy French

Yet more troops of French 24th Colonial Regiment, Syria 1941

This time all in French solar helmet, a mix of the new Early War Miniatures figures plus the remained for the Elhiem Senegalese I had left with EWM heads. 

1st platoon (12 figs)

2nd platoon (only 11 figs)

Signal unit

A few more photos of the new EWM figures

New article over on the SOTCW website

The SOTCW have published one of my scenarios over on their website

Saturday 2 May 2020



Walls from Anyscale Models (again figures from scale)

Arab Dwelling

Arab dwelling

Started out as a yellow plastic box (part of a child`s toy I think) found on the street 
  I cut out the windows and doors, added matchstick frames then plastered it with filler. The walls are Britains soft plastic, the bank at the end of the garden part of a Matchbox diorama base. Figures for scale.