Tuesday 31 October 2017


Various terrain bits

Another weeks worth or so.

One of those Blotz wooden puzzle pieces, to be honest I`m not 100% happy with the construction of this one as it left big gaps all over the place and i`ve resorted to air-drying clay in a clumsy attempt to rectify the look. 
Italian figures for scale  


French WW1 memorial 
Sgt`s Mess model again figures for scale

The tower was a fish-tank item I bought in Spain for a couple of Euro, the rest is polystyrene and plaster.
All figures and stuff for scale 

Wednesday 25 October 2017



Various odds`n sods to complete my Italian force

Raventhorpe Fiat626

 Raventhorpe Fiat Dovunque

 Kelly`s Heroes Brixia mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess 80mm mortar team
 Sgt`s Mess moving LMG team
 Sgt`s Mess firing LMG team

 Kelly`s Heroes 20mm Breda AA gun & crew
 Kelly`s Heroes Italian para command
 (painted up and slightly altered to look like infantry)
 All together

US Cannon Company

US Cannon Company

Well what I need to represent one in a game I have planned over our Christmas break.

All Raventhorpe
Dodge 6x6

 M3 105mm short howitzer & crew


Thursday 19 October 2017

US 105mm Battery

US 105mm battery


Three Hasawaga GMC 6x6s (with tilt, sans tilt and a dumper variant with load by Value Gear)

Guns (Britannia) with mixed crews (mostly Raventhorpe & Britannia)

Battery command L-R: Raventhorpe, old Skytrex, Britannia 

Rather blury photos of the whole battery 

Signals/Command Jeep (all Britannia)

Some odd infantry
.30cal team (Kelly`s Heroes)
Plastics - Esci, Revell, Esci

Sunday 15 October 2017


M4 mortar carrier

Another Matchbox M16 chassis this time converted to a M4 HTMC using Andy Grubb`s conversion kit, a scratch crew and some stowage.