Saturday 15 December 2012

Sdkfz10 with Pak36(r)

Again for Tunisia based on these photos (ignore the first caption as its obviously the same vehicle :rolleyes:)

Taken from Claude Gillono`s "Panzers of Kasserine", a book full of interesting pictures. Now I usually don`t model guns in towed mode, but wanted to experiment with the composition and modelling/painting including the crew. Later when I have time I`m going to model an emplaced gun too.

Sdkfz10 by Britannia (added mixed stowage), Pak36(r) is Raventhorpe, the crew are a mix of AB Figures and Blitz tank riders, except fro the driver who is Britannia with a Raventhorpe head.
A closer look at the crew

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Italians for Tunisia (inc transport & armour)

Spent a few weeks painting up transport and armour for my battlegroup, so here it is virtually complete -

Anti-tank battery with Ready to Roll Fiat Dovunque trucks (it turned out the Italians portee`d their 47mm to prevent damage)
100mm howitzer with Frontline Fiat 623 tow
75mm depot gun with Minimi TL37 tow
20mm Breda AA with another TL37 tow
Frontline Semovente sp guns
Frontline M13/40s
MMGs and 80mm mortar allcarried in a Ready to Roll Fiat 626
1st infantry platoon with Minimi AS37
2nd infantry platoon with AS37
3rd infantry platoon with Minimi TL37

Battlegroup HQ - Esci Opel Blitz with office body, Frontline staff car

This should have been it, but I got so carried away converting figires and messing about; I have 30 painted figures left over :rolleyes:
So I`m going to build a recce unit with motorcycles and M/C combinations and field car and a reserve platoon attached to the HQ.

Monday 10 December 2012

SOTCW Journal #77 has arrived!

SOTCW (Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers) Journal issue 77 is now out.

Dropped through my door within the last hour –

In this new issue you will find –
Breaking the Stalin Line – Eastern Front divisional level game for Spearhead rules
The Missiles of Cyprus – a fictional modern Greek Vs Turk naval clash
Skofalots Challenge – WW1 Eastern Front
Operation peace in Galilee – first part of a mini campaign for TW&T rules
El Jermia – Algeria 1958
Passchendale – Third battle of Ypres 1917
The Supply Convoy – a real incident in Iraq set up for tabletop
Stonne 1940
Wetlet – Far East 1945

There`s also the following articles –
Modern armour/gun adaptations for RF2
A walk through of the military museums near St Petersburg
Unusual and odd military developments in the early C20th
An in depth review of IABSM V3

You also get all the usual review columns, letters and Rob`s Rearguard!

This issue is the first of the new sub period 13, I`d like to apologies for the delay between J76 and this issue caused mainly by a slow uptake of the re-sub. Hopefully now we`re off, the rest of the sub will run more smoothly.

I`d like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.

Richard Baber (editor)

Monday 3 December 2012

Bits`n bobs

Awaiting the last few vehicles off Ready to Roll to finish off my Italians. So whilst mooching about I finished off a few bits -

1990s Spanish BMR600 from S&S

D-1 you`ve already seen, but D-2 is new.
Again i built the external stowage rack - I saw a picture of a vehicle Bosnia with a bright blue cooler on its rack and just had to steal the idea:D 

Brand spanking new Swimwagon from Lewis at Minimi, lovely little one-piece casting.
I added the crew, the driver is SHQ, the two rear passengers came from the Matchbox Sdkfz11/Pak40 kit