Tuesday 25 February 2014

Mexican Revolution train

I`ve been planning this for a while as trains played such a huge part in the various revolutionary campaigns in Mexico. The train will just be static - just a piece of terrain in effect, but will make an interesting ojective whilst adding considerable fire-power to one side or other :-)

Steel-plated armoured infantry wagon
Here manned by Federal cadets during an inspection tour by Colonel-General Graf von Bratwurst of the German military mission

Sand-bagged machine gun wagon 
Armoured artillery wagon 
Sgt`s Mess resin and white metal kit with a kit-bashed gun

The whole train together

British Carrier Platoon

The final unit I needed for my Tunisian Brits - a Carrier Platoon
Three different Britannia carriers all of which come ready stowed one-piece resin castings. I did some minor modifications - added aerials, more stowage, changed the Boys AT rifle to a Bren.
The figures are a mix of Britannia with odd Kellys Heroes, Airfix and Friend or Foe 

Wednesday 19 February 2014

French re-supply unit

Two Renault UE carrier with trailers

Friend or Foe UE & trailer (I was cheeky and asked Ian for the fuel trailer)

Early War Miniatures UE and cargo trailer (I added all the stowage)

Both together

Monday 10 February 2014

Girly medic

Now I don`t do 28mm, frankly my painting can`t do the sculpts justice. Still I`ve been long tmpted to have a go at one of those "pin-up" girlies you see advertised in the modelling and wargames press and when i saw this one ob TMP, I couldn`t resist.

Black Scorpian 28mm Girl medic

Saturday 8 February 2014

Armoured Coy. Kradshutzen-10

I`ve reorganised Kradshutzen-10
The Armoured infantry unit now has two platoons and to keep them seperate (visually) on tabletop I`ve used only zeltbahn wearing grenadiers.
2 x 12 figure platoons (1 LMG) carried in 4 sdkfz 250 (2 fitted with sustained fire MGs)
You`ve seen the halftracks already, the figures are mostly Britannia plus a few Kellys Heroes and one Raventhopre MG42 man; the usual minor conversions and head-swops 

The whole unit including the tracks