Tuesday 29 December 2020

Mexican Revolution game - the forces

 The forces

Padre Ramon and Sister Therez await the coming storm

Whilst their flock flees away (the Colorados have a really bad rep)

Villa`s scout train arrives on table, it carries an infantry company plus a Colt machine gun, the armoured cupola has a 65mm mountain gun. The white painted wagon with the Cruz Azul marking is a medical wagon.

Villa`s "army group"

Villa himself plus staff

Railway company

Villas elite infantry (escort, Yaqui scouts, Chicitas de Muerta)

Yaqui scouts

Chicitas de Muerta

"Madero" Cavalry Squadron (mounted and dismounted)

"Benito Juarez" Artillery battery - 75mm & 37mm Hotchkiss revolving cannon

The "Victoriana Huerta" Motorised column approaches the pueblo - the column has a German armoured car & truck (both gifts from the German Ambassador), a towed 75mm and a couple of platoons of former Rural Guards, the unit is commanded by Col. Pedro Ramierez de Diaz (in the red car)

Col de Diaz forces

2 squadrons of veteran Colorado cavalry (mounted and dismounted)

A horse drawn 75mm

2 platoons of rural guard (VH motorised colum)

Col. de Diaz and staff

Monday 28 December 2020

Mexican Revolution game table set-up

Mexican Revolution game table set-up

 The basic idea is for an encounter battle, but I`m still working out the details, I thought you`d like to see the table (it may change a little as i write the scenario)

My basic plan is for a battle set during the reign of Gen, Victoriano Huerta (Feb 1913 - July 1914) taking some liberties with equipment :) The two sides to entre at opposite corners, first unit on for the Rebels being a scout train (engine plus cars, maybe a mounted gun plus a company of so on board) whilst the Government (supporters of President Huerta) arrive by road first up be a motorised column with an armoured car and some lorried infantry (maybe a towed gun too).

The rest of both "armies" will arrive piece meal randomly, building into a total fubar of a battle  :D 

I may use exactly the same layout for a attack/defense battle with Pershing`s Yanks against Villaistas too :)

The table is roughly 10` long, but varies in width between 8` and 4`

Looking from the narrow end towards the  wider end

Left side looking towards the river and church hill

Across the whole table

The rights side with the rail yard

Closer view of rail yard and lumber mill

rail bridge

Farm at the right top corner

Right side of the pueblo

Centre of the pueblo


Pueblo market place

Church and cemetery

Looking back across the table from the wider end

Thursday 24 December 2020

Forcing a Crossing of the Zaccara (to the finish)

Forcing a Crossing of the Zaccara

To the finish

Each side re-organised (took about 4-8 turns of movement), during that time only the Republican guns were in a position to fire, their 80mm mortar added a few bombs too now there was no danger of hitting their own side!

These caused some casualties among all three parts of the rebel force, but as they were spread out and using whatever cover was available, the effects were reduced. The remaining members of 1st Militia company withdrew across the bridge, before they could be trapped!

The rebels moved their guns forward, set up mortars and MMGs, the basic plan was for the Legionnaires and Carlists to attack directly over the bridge whiclt the Moors would ford the river on the left and hopefully turn the flank. As a prelude to the attack the Rebels called for air support which arrived in the form of a Henchel 123 which carried out a bombing run along the line of the river.

Carlists in the lumber yard

Legionnaires in the orchard

Panzer I plus 75IG in support

African Artillery at the ready

Rebel reserves

Moors on the left

The Republican militia awaits the onslaught

The Henchel drops its first load onto the Republic`s `75, then flys home happy........

At this point the Rebels launch their major attack, the Moors are hit by 13pdr HE and also machine gun and rifle fire and take quite a few casualties.

The Legion lose several men crossing the initial barricade to a well positioned LMG on a second floor balcony overlooking the bridge. The African artillery paste the house over a couple of turns and reduce it to a burning ruin!

By turn 6 Legionnaires and Carlists including the Panzer I are at/on the bridge, but are taking considerable fire and casualties are mounting fast!

On the left Sniper, LMG and mortar fire finally silences the 13pdr

But a well positioned Vickers MMG plus 3rd company HQ moving into the gap help keep a solid defence line at the river and Moroccan casualties are also mounting.

The African artillery, 75IG and two mortars continue to rain shells and bombs onto the defenders and the Republic mortars find the range and drop HE and frag all across the bridge.....

Turn 10 sees a Moroccan platoon finally reach the north bank, but they are pinned by defensive fire.

At the bridge a Republican bi-plane shows up and proceeds to strafe the exposed infantry causing multiple casualties!!

On turn 12 the rebels have one last throw of the dice:

The Panzer I tried to force the bridge and was hit by a round form an Anti-tank rifle killing the driver! 

This combined with a mortar round killing the Legion commander breaks the Rebels already wavering morale and they fall back away from the bridge, the Moors on the left can`t advance across the river in the open under machine gun fire, so they dig in and take cover too. 

Final positions 

Carlists & Legion at the bridge

Carlists in the lumber yard

Moroccans on the south bank

And the victorious republican militia still in control of the north bank - No Pasaran!

Tough game, no width for manoeuvre! Ended up being a slug-fest with little room for tactics and subtly.........