Wednesday 6 July 2016

Hovels Buildings

Newly painted resin buildings by Hovels

figures and vehicles for scale

Large factory building

Turbine/generator building

 Farm out-building & Cart shed

Monday 4 July 2016

20mm African Rebel Army for sale

20mm African Rebel Army for sale

4 x di-cast 4x4s technicals all armed and crewed
GMC 6x6 w/.50cal plus gunner (plastic kit)
Unimog with .50cal & gunner (di-cast)
Unimog with 7.62 HMG & gunner (all Liberation Miniatures)
Ferret A/C (di-cast)
Saladin A/C w/commander (plastic kit)
Jeep + driver (all Liberation miniatures)
FC Landrover (metal kit)
Bedford truck (resin by S&S)
2 x Chaffee tanks (Matchbox kits)

 73 rebel fighters - Britannia, Liberation, Elheim, S&S and Raventhorpes (many head-swops and minor coversions)
6 x UN Peacekeepers (Elheim)

Wombat (white metal) plus 4 crew

2 x medium mortars (4 crew each)

Charley G team (2 man)GPMG team (2 man) 

The whole lot including postage anywhere £120 (I accept Paypal)

Modern 20mm Arab Army for sale

Modern 20mm Arab Army for sale

Modern Arab Army (iraqi/Egyptian/Lybian, etc, etc)

BTR-50 - resin (Hobbyden)
BTR-60P - plastic kit (inc metal gunner)
BTR-152 - di-cast

T54 - resin (S&S)
T54 - di-cast

Recce (all resin by S&S)
Toyota pick-up (inc gunner)
Toyota jeep (inc driver & gunner)

100 infantry - Platoon20, Elheim, Liberation, S&S and SHQ (many head-swops and minor coversions)

2 x .50cal teams (2 man)
ZPU (white metal by S&S) plus 3 crew
2-man Milan team

The whole lot inc postage anywhere £140 (I accept Paypal)

Friday 1 July 2016

Opel ambulance

Opel ambulance

De Agostini di-cast model (though in this cast it is mostly plastic),a £5 Ebay bargain
I added some stowage and a little paint, then gave the whole thing a light wash.



Semovente M40 da 75/18

Italeri fast-build models with added stowage and sand bags