Wednesday 30 May 2018

Spanish additions

Roughly another weeks work

Some command elements for La Legion, usable for Rif War & SCW

Mounted officer and escort 
Could just be a mounted patrol?
Irregular figures, some head swaps and added kit

Legion Command
Heliograph team - Hat figures with head swops

Bugler & drummer 
 Minairons & Hat (with head swop)
All together
Republican French `75
Gun - SHQ, limber - HAT, mixed crew from Minairons, Hat & Bandera

Battery command
Scissors scope & officer - Minairons, 2nd officer - Hat, telephone op - old Matchbox WW2 Aussie  

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Wrecked artillery limber

Wrecked Artillery Limber

I long term modelling project finally complete, usable for a lot of the periods we game.

IT Miniatures limber (which was an awful model), various plastic dead horses (thanks to Will Macnally 😂 ) plus bits`n bobs

The Bashir of Tangier`s artillery

I have a plan to run a game based on the Marine landing at Tangier 1904 - dipicted in the film Wind and the Lion  😃 

I have decided that to make the game interesting the landing itself should be opposed and wanted some ordinance and crews to do so -
All crew are conversted plastics see end photo
Gatling Gun & crew
Artillery crew
SHQ `75 for scale

The whole battery

Juramentado (man aworn to die in battle)

My conversions L-R 
HAT WW1 French artilleryman, HAT German WW2 AT gunner, HAT British Zulu War Gatling crew, BUM Spanish Foreign Legionnaire all with heads from Earl War Miniatures

Friday 11 May 2018

Yet more Yanks

More Yanks

About another weeks work.

Drivers and gun crew 
Mostly SHQ for vehicles already in Spain

Three Jeeps
We noticed during our last couple of NWE games most of my vehicles have crews, this looked a little odd when a static in HQs, etc, so I decided to paint a couple of Jeeps up sans crew
L-R old Skytrex, Fujimi, Matchbox
Yet another Matchbox M16 chassis (the last one  :D ) Totally rebuilt and repaired, new wheels, new armoured screen plus loads of random stowage; made to look like a troop transport 
Plastic driver, Raventhorpe .50cal gunner, seated figures by Britannia 

M3 lt tank
Built from the left-over parts of the PSC Honey spur
I fudged some of missing bits with plasticard and plasterscene, the 37mm barrel came off a Pak36

US medical teams
Blanket/stretcher team by Andy Grubb
Medic and casualty by Andy Grubb
Medics with casualty by Raventhorpe
Various infantry the ones in greatcoat are all Britannia, the rest Friend or Foe

Saturday 5 May 2018

German guns

German Guns

Another weeks work

Fh18 battery
Guns are Britannia, with a scratch mostly plastic crew - Revell & Esci plus a couple of SHQ metals, I also created two ammo stacks out of various stowage sets

Battery HQ
All Esci plastics

SIG 150mm Infantry gun 
All Britannia with another ammo stack

Spotter team
Rather splendid figures by Elhiem