Tuesday 25 February 2014

Mexican Revolution train

I`ve been planning this for a while as trains played such a huge part in the various revolutionary campaigns in Mexico. The train will just be static - just a piece of terrain in effect, but will make an interesting ojective whilst adding considerable fire-power to one side or other :-)

Steel-plated armoured infantry wagon
Here manned by Federal cadets during an inspection tour by Colonel-General Graf von Bratwurst of the German military mission

Sand-bagged machine gun wagon 
Armoured artillery wagon 
Sgt`s Mess resin and white metal kit with a kit-bashed gun

The whole train together


  1. What a fantastic idea! Could the train also be used for the Boer War or for any of the Balkan Wars in approximately the same period? What gauge is the train? Nicely done and well painted
    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon

  2. Thank you for you comments :-)

    Its all 00 gauge I think?? Its all basic Hornby stuff, bought in second hand, charity shops.

    I would assume you could use it for any of those periods, certainly the train and trucks have featured in at least one WW2 game (set in Italy) and will appear in Tunisia is and when we ever play another game.