Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Late war Germans

Something a little different: some late war Germans

 Rag tag infantry or Panzergrenadier squad
A mix of Elheim Panzer Lehr plus a new early war LMG team, a couple of Underfire Miniatures figures, plus an off FAA grenadier and an SHQ officer 
 L-R Elheim Panzer Lehr, UnderFire early war infantry (modified), Elheim PL, Underfire SS
 FAA, Elheim PL (modified), SHQ
 Elheim early war LMG team (modified)
 Elheim PL sniper
 I love this photo

Minimi 251D with added stowage
Crew - gunner Battlefield, SMGs & rifleman Underfire Miniatures, officer Elheim 

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