Sunday 14 June 2015

More adobe walls and bits

More walls and stuff 
All figures and the truck is just for scale

Minimi tall Adobe walls, based, painted and generally tarted up. I decided I could used these high walls as "town walls" so added some wooden guard walks. I also thought I could link them together within a town with a couple of buildings to create a Caravanserai quite common across the Arab world (a sort of fortified hotel).

I`ve made extra effort with the bases as an experiment

Two 90 degree corners and a straight 
 Inside of one corner, I decided to build an animal pen into it
 All the straights got guard gantries and ladders
 Second corner, i build a typical Arab shanty into it
 Gate straight
 Inside view
 Another straight
 And another
 The whole lot combined into a simple Caravanserai using a Hovels warehouse to finish things off

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