Sunday 6 September 2015

M3 Lees for Tunisia

Recently The Works were stocking some cheap Russian di-cast models/toys.
Even though ur local shop in Swansea had none; Alan Mccoubry was kind enough to pick up a couple for me.

After a quick re-paint and some added yellow stars, here they are to join my Tunisian Yanks.



  1. They paint up nicely. I got some of the models I got from The Works to introduce my 7-year old to wargaming. The models have to be sturdy in case his 3-year old sister takes too close an interest ;)

  2. They`ll do for me ;)

    As you say a little more sturdy than plastic kits, I remember little Christopher playing with daddies toys - I still find broken bits scattered around ;( soon after I locked everything away safe (but it was a sobering event)....