Wednesday 6 July 2016

Hovels Buildings

Newly painted resin buildings by Hovels

figures and vehicles for scale

Large factory building

Turbine/generator building

 Farm out-building & Cart shed


  1. Nicely painted. Hovels has always made wonderful structures for 20th and 21st century gaming.

  2. Thanks :)

    I`m not sure about "nicely painted", but OK for me :)

    I only recently re-visited Hovels, I`m pretty impressed by the quality, shame they don`t seem to have expanded their range at all in all these years.

  3. Nice work- you can't go wrong with a Hovel building imo.



  4. Cheers Pete, i`ll send you over the review later ;)

  5. Great looking buildings and beautiful job!!

  6. Hi!
    You have some great stuff here. Very nice buildings.

    Yet what caught my interest was your 20mm Mexican Revolution. I'm starting it in 20mm myself and especially Mexican Cadets made from early war Germans caught my eye.

    Yet I fail to get any sources on such uniforms. Escuela Militar de Aspirantes seems to be the thing, yet there is no photos showing that trousers. Can you give me any leads? Thanks in advance!

  7. Thank you for your kind comments.

    My Mexican project is more "Hollywood" than 100% accurate history. The cadet uniform is based on an illustration I found on the internet in a article about the US landings at Vera Cruz - dark blue jacket, white/khaki trousers and black leather boots.