Saturday 18 November 2017

Yet even more Yanks

Various American foot

A mix of Infantry and gunners, the last for now as this clears the decks (as far as Yanks are concerned)

Raventhorpe water-cooled .30cal MMG with a Revell plastic loader

Plastic 60mm mortar (Hasawaga I think?) with a scratch crew - Matchbox and Esci

6 x Kelly`s Heroes gunners

Kelly`s officer and a Britannia RTO

Old Skytrex FOO

4 x Platoon20 riflemen + an unknown US Marine BAR 


  1. Nice support weapons. The different makes mix well.



  2. Thanks guys, don`t actually know if I`m short of either support weapon, but an extra here or there can`t hurt - can it?

  3. Very nice work. You can never have too many heavy weapons in support of your attacking troops. Good work.

  4. Well one of the games i`m planning for Christmas is based on a US battalion defense so the water-cooled MMGs will actually be needed as they were part of the battalion`s support weapons company TO&E. 60mm mortars were part of company weapons platoons, so i`ll certainly need to field some (though how many sets i have painted up i`m not 100% sure of) :) The arty crews will add to and man the 105mm battery and cannon company howitzer I did earlier.

  5. Nice work Richard. By coincidence just been re-doing mine and used exact same figs for my 60mm mortar crews and Revell loader with ESCI Browning for very similar MMGs.

    Cheers, Dave

  6. I`m pretty sure I have an Esci Browning but a Matchbox loader already done among my finished stuff (which is all in Spain). I had thought all my Yanks were now finished, but a few more bits have surfaced - oh well :)